About the health dangers of 5G network. Highly risk radiation for humans, animals and nature

About the health dangers of 5G network. Highly risk radiation for humans, animals and nature

Please continu reading this, and don’t neglect this.

What the Telecom industry is giving us, is not the benefits of better connection on smartphones. 5G is a 100 times stronger then 4G, and 4G was already a network that gave many people cancer and heart attacks, leukemia, head aches and sleeping-problems etc.
5G has been experienced by scientist, who call this a ‘weapon’. 5G will give cancer and other risks to our children, to us, animals and nature: Such as cancer to Trees. It immediately kills birds and insects. Without bees, insects, trees, there is no life possible. Our young children will grow up with many health risks, without children there is no future. When we get sick, and can’t work anymore, there is no industry anymore, the whole industry will collapse. 5G will expose to our bodies and energetic system, and gives also problems that people don’t feel good, but they dont know ór can explain ‘what it is’. It is an invisible enemy. You start drinking, smoking, drugs or medication, because You have to do something, because you feel like there is a war going on inside of you. You can also feel it tingling and burning on your lips, skin, and get teeth problems, as teeth are very sensitive to radiation. It started with opening up 4G, that already was disproved by a lot of scientist, also as a ‘war weapon’, then the Wifi came up, Wifi is developed by the army to silently kill the enemy. Wifi hotspots, ten times stronger then normal Wifi, came over all of these things. We were already put in a living microwave. Doctors all over the world get young and healthy clients, that suddenly have sleeping disorders, migraines, cancer and heart strokes. Also your hormone system can be disbalanced. More of us, it is highly risk cancering to all life!

Please pass this on, to everyone you know or meet, or share blog on your social medium. I am writing this, for all you readers, to know what is going to happen and what 5G really is.
Don’t be blind to this, it is about our future together here.

Written by Leda de Zwaan
Writer, Author, Coach


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