Ancient Lovers- Soulmates (Lover’s Poem)

Ancient Lovers- Soulmates

We have loved each other many times
We have shared stories many nights
We have learned lessons together, and we gave our hearts every time

Every person on earth has an unseen commitment, to the one he already is married with.
‘ A cosmic marriadge’, it has been set in heaven
You are partners, 100% full mirrors, teachers, lovers, friends within your heart. You just ‘ know’….

There is no doubt, only fear, mind or ego that makes you think you are seperated. She is your mirror, to find yourself.
You share the same past, you share the same lessons, you share the same mission.
No matter what you do, or write or say: Your soul and heart just ‘ know’.

The energetic attraction goes beyond the eyes can see
It is a word, a picture, a feeling that always triggers you
The cords of the heart are felt
You will never be the same person as you were yesterday.
You feel what she feels, you see what she sees. No matter where she is in this world: You feel her, you taste her. You will never be alone again.

You will see yourself in her. Her thoughts, her feelings, her mission, her words, her soul is your soul. You will meet yourself, if you are ready for this travel. If you are strong enough to meet who you really are. You know when you are ready, and you know she leads you back to source.

You will give her the strenght for her path. You will shine the light, whenever she is lost. You will see her, when she cannot see. You will fire her flame, when it gets weak. She will blossom, just by loving her. You will love her, that you will mirror her. You will teach her all the lessons she need, to be fully ‘ seen’, just by your presence. Just by meeting yourself, you will meet her everyday, again and again. Fall in love in every moment.

She lets you be in your mission, as you worship her godess.
As you say ‘ yes’ to yourself, you have said ‘ yes’ to full reflection.
Her body is sacred to you, her wisdom makes you grow
Her desire to feel you, makes you feel the man you always were.
You know you have always been partners, and always will
It gives you peace, and rest, and the love you two have for each other, spreads the world.
People feel the light, people feel the passion. People feel the power of ancient love.

Your soul is home…

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 The wisdom and light shared by someone, inspired me to write this poem. Thank you