Anti Corona Emergency Plan- How to boost your immune system!

Dear all,


We are living in a time of fear. Fear weakens our imunesystem, our aura and our body.

We will get sick if we don’t do precautions on healing work.

Most of us already eat healthy, but this is my Emergency Package, which I wanted to share with you, for inspiration.

  • Do your healing work, pick out a good healer or try at home yourself. ALWAYS put yourself in a ball of light, a bubble of light, all around you. Take time you need to do this well, there can not be holes in in. Make it thick around you. This is healing and protecting the Aura and Energetic Field.
  • Eat superfoods, every day. It is an investment, to buy, but so worthy! I take everyday: Wheatgrass, Spirulina, Tumeric, Honey, Lemons, Banana’s, avocado’s, broccoli, Reishi Powder, Cinnamon, Maca powder and Cacao raw
  • I drink 1 litre of green jasmine tea a day
  • I drink 1 litre of Orange and apple juice a day
  • Take out the Wifi and 4G and the upcoming 5g: They are very dangerous to our cells and Aura. I put on wifi only to whatsapp once a day, and then I put it out. Be aware of radiance, it is cancering our body as we speak
  • Buy a yoga mat: Try to do yoga poses to stretch and strenghten your musles and body
  • Try to watch the news once a day, and when you do, awaken with alternative news. Inform yourself wisely but then let go, and go back to your loving and calming bubble
  • I massage my body once a day for relaxation and calming the nerves. Or ask your partner to do so, if you have a partner. It is good for all kinds of hormones in our body. You sleep better and are more relaxed. I use massage oil made of jojoba oil or sweet almond oil to do it
  • Make rituals for yourself, as turning off all news, and take a bath or read a good book or magazine
  • Calm your family and friends with your energy, they need you now, you need them now
  • Sex is good to boost all kinds of hormones
  • Try not to get into the  fear plan, stay calm, wise and loving
  • Be in the mission, it is your call now to help others and yourself. Stand in this mission.

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