Coronavirus and 5G are connected to each other- A new world will come

Since 5G towers are installed in the world, coronavirus arrived. The two are connected to each other.

In Wuhan, China, the coronavirus started. This is the first city being tested on 5G, a coincidence? We don’t think so.

Since the ‘lockdown’ of schools and companies, everywhere 5G towers appeared in the week of the first shutdown. Are they trying to fool us with corona?  Can it be that corona is caused by 5G? On the internet there are already rumours going around about this. It would be the world elite group that wants depopulation of humans, and wants a crash of the ‘system’. The old system will fall, and the new will come. 5G and corona will cause many deaths, 5G is called ‘a war weapon’ by scientists. 26,000 scientist signed an investigation that was sent to all governments around the world,  saying that 5G is very dangerous to nature, humans and the world eco-system. It will kill millions of people. They can earn money by providing vaccins to humans who are chipped. With the chips they can control us by 5G. So the two are definitely related to each other. The old system will show which companies did this to us? Which people of the world elite did this to us? They will all fall, crumble down and be torn apart. While humans will fight for their lives, 5G will be everywhere.

After this complete distaster. 5G is the biggest disaster humans can make.

And so with us, are the companies behind this, and afcourse the governments.

What will happen?

The whole old system will be in prison, prosecuted and charged for their crimes, we will read about this in the media. More than millions of people wil get sick around the world. Not able to work anymore.

The whole system will fall and our economy as well. This is the crash they want. But smart en spiritual people already knew and moved to locations in the world without 5G. The smart and strong ones will build up their own cities and little villages.

This will be the biggest shift earth ever experienced, and we are in the middle of it!

They will even live in another part of the world. They will spiritually educate the people. They will stand up, they will teach us, and humanity will make a shift. The shift we were waiting for, humans will awaken to this disaster. The new system will come, with new people, without the elite that was old.

Learn more on 5G and corona in the sources here under. Please share this message of truth, but also hope with others!

To all healers and lightworkers and gatekeepers of the Earth: Stay strong, pull yourself out of the storm and stand in place in your mission, we are going to fight the old system, and start up a new one. We alre united as humanity, and never so connected!


The Enlightening Media Team.

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(Trees and Bees are dying near a 5G tower it said)

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In Dutch:

In Dutch: (Bees are dying near 5g towers)

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