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Her Articles and Healing/Awakening/Activating messages - Individual - Coaching Lectures, & Healing  -  Are spread worldwide, and can... afcourse in the meanwhile get found with google. :-)

(Such as Cosmic marriage, Self-masterhip, How to heal your inner child, How twinsouls heal each other, the biggest shift on the planet is happening now: Be in the mission)

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  • -'You are the Master of your life, we only hold the light To enlighten your path- and the perspectives in the world. Everything that you need is already in you- We only push those buttons, so you remember your Unique Soul purpose and the truth in our World by bringing Articles and News to Enlighten. Healing starts with unfolding the truth by awakening instead of sleeping.- Enlightening Media quote'

Welcome in the year 2017, the year of a peak of the New Energy!!!!! :-))