How I became a Self-master

How did I became a self-master?
Many years of being alone, also without a relationship. Really alone. I walked through the forrest everyday, I did yoga and started meditation on a daily bases, sometimes 3 hours a day. I put on healing music, from youtube that was based for the chakra’s, and I had contact with many spiritual teachers, who did healings on me. I healed myself from all my karma, family karma, and entities. I healed myself from the disease of lyme, and always had contact with guides and angels. I took a lot of superfood products like kurkuma and wheatgrass daily, and ate very healthy vitamins, and did a lot of sjamanistic rituals. I started to look younger every month. One day a guide came and set that I was ready to shift to 5D and I was a self-master now. My guides and angels left me for a while, and I started to work with the cosmos, everything that I need I just had to ask for. In that period everything came, love, money, wealth, health, everything was done.
I wish you the same process, We all can be a self-master in the end.
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