Lightworkers energetic protection – Affirmation

This Poem- affirmation-guidance is written by me, for another Lightworker, where I strongly feel connected to.

This is a affirmation and protection, that will help everyone who is in service to others. Never forget yourself, and how ‘ open’  you are. Never forget, that every email/phonecall/text/conversation IS energy! And you need FULL protection to do this work. Know that many will also ‘ harm’  you, because of your light. Do not be naieve anymore. You need to take FULL control of your energy, and clearence, everyday!

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As I see you doing your work
As I see you enlighten others
As I see you spreading the word
As I see you heal others who need help
As I see you dedicated to your mission
As I want to be on your side.
As I want to protect you, so that you are safe

As I want to give you strength, more strength to go stronger every day
I ask you to protect yourself from harm
As you are a lightworker
A soldier to battle, and fight for wisdown, love and understanding
You are not alone
I am here in spirit

I ask you to protect yourself everyday
Ask the angels to cut all the cords of other people their energy
Ask your guidance to clean your home and loved ones, your body and your energy with a violette flame. Feel the flame around you. Feel it burn. See yourself in a golden protected light, no harm can get through the light, ONLY goodness.
Let no other energy affect you, make you feel sad, make you feel unworthy, make you ill, make you STOP.
Please do this affirmation twice a day, as you are a healer of light.
First love and heal yourself, everyday.
Ask for: ‘Full protection for my spirit.’
Ask for: ‘ The house, the money, the people, and all the tools I need to fullfill my mission and to take good care of MYSELF and my loved ones.’

I know where you came from, I know how lonely you sometimes are, I feel your pain. So now we walk together…

And MIRROR each other. And creating more light, more energy, more wisdom. As we are ancient visitors and breathing the present, and writing the future. Welcome, you are ready to MEET yourself. As I will Mirror you, for fullfilling your desire to ‘ see yourself’.

You will be protected
You will be light
You will return to peace, whenever you feel storms battle you.
You will sing, you will dance, you will be loved

I send you this heart, to receive…
We will and shall be connected in spirit, always.
You shall cleanse yourself, and stay true to yourself.
Stay focused on your mission. Let your visions and dreams guide you.
Let your voice speak the words of your heart.

You are a warrior of light.

~ Lightworkers protection – Heal and protect yourself DAILY.

Written By Leda,