New Energy Forecast Update 2020 (Also for twinsouls)

The galactic energies waved to earth this month. We felt our heart chakra in a way, that old blockages removed themselves, and new energy came in. Your heart chakra got cleansed. In the meanwhile our old trauma’s came to mind, and we did something to heal them. It was a harsh time. Your mind went on and on in stories, and you knew this was not your soul or your heart. You wanted to heal the stories and trauma’s, to get rid of them

We felt we needed a new diet, and tried to eat differently, healthier and we worked with more fruit and vegetables, different eating behaviour.

We wanted to exercise to heal our body, forms of yoga, going to a sportschool and strenghten our minds and body at the same time. We felt that we needed to get fit for ‘something’ that was going to happen

Twinsouls had clashes, they broke up, they came together again, and we had clashes about our identity and if this would match together. Is this my dreampartner? Is this my soulmate? Is this the love of my life, or do I need to cut all cords and find someone else? This all came to mind with twinsouls. As they came into their heart this month, they felt more compassion for the world and each other, whether you broke up or not, you feel more self-love and this reflects on the outside.

We had strange fevers, different sleeping pattern and we need  to figure out how to balance rest with actions, in this world of the ‘mind’, the outside world is pulling, and you wish for rest. That is correct, we need rest right now because something big is about to happen.

This something big is related to corona and 5G, we feel we need to take time for self-healing, healing old wounds, and become stronger in awareness, the mind, the soul, the body and spirit. We are training ourselves now, to be fit while we think of our mission in this world. This is the time to stand in the mission, right now.

The moon energy every month becomes stronger, and we heal old wounds while she is there, shining on us. She washes away old pain and gives new insights and new energy.

We feel that we need our inner gods and godess, and we want this energy back.

We are standing strong while fighting the old system. You don’t want to fit in there anymore, you are longing for a new system.

You have the urge to re-locate. Another place, near nature, another house with a garden and fresh air. Do this, make it happen.

We are very busy visualizing our new goals and dreams.

We are lightworkers people, and we have to stand in our mission now. This is the biggest shift earth has ever experienced, and we are in the middle of this. Every lightworkers gets acivated right now, and we are with millions together. Unite on internet right now, and do what you need to do. You know it.

God luck to everyone in this time, we hope this report was helpful, and please share if you appreciated this.


The Enlightening Media Team