The original meaning and the sacracy of having sex

My own perspective, coaching, healings and experience with sex. As a highly sensitive and paranormal woman, I have experienced to choose a commited and energetic ‘ clean’  partner wisely, why and what happens otherwise. Two soulmates can heal each other. It is the best ‘Drug’- trip there is, when two souls merge in a sacred manner. I have been Teaching energy and explanations on sacred sex to young people and twinsoul sexual healing to couples. Please have a read on my article on sacred sex.
Two humans, sharing their body, is called ‘ sex’. Many humans do not understand the ‘ real’ meaning of sex anymore. This is due to commercial behaviour like movies and selling sex in magazines. The holyness of ‘ sex’, is forgotten. Also, the energetic value of and by sex.
Sacred sex
When having ‘ sex’ with your partner, you connect (like in this picture) on every chakra in yourself, and your sexual loved ‘partner’. The more spiritual developed the partner is, the more connection you make with Yourself and your partner. Not only do you share ‘ a body’ with each other (which is humanly pleasure!), you also exchange: DNA vibrations, chakra information, karma, lessons, energetic garbage, and the two of you can ‘ upgrade each other’ due to sex.
When both partners are spiritually educated and developed, this is automatically, due to passionate sex, an incredible soul-journey with each other. It is a combination of animaly ‘ wanting’, humanly duality ‘ passion’, and divine energy! It is all in one. Chemistry on all levels!
Sex with the soul
Sex with someone who is ‘ soulless’ or unaware can feel like ‘ there is nothing to it’, ‘ Just empty!’. Correct, many people feel and are ‘ empty’. The more aware and spiritual developed the partner is…
Sex can suddenly feel like a ‘ great drug trip’, it even gives explosions in the head. It gives rushes, it cleans up your heart chakra, it grows your soul. it is worthed to wait for a person in your life, sharing this with. A sacred person.That is why, someone must choose their sexual partner very wisely! Because you two are exchanging energy, karma, chakra-energies and spiritual wisdom. It is a soul exchange! Females are the ‘ receiver’, and males ‘ the giver’. A male who does not clean hisself energetically, carries around ‘ garbage’. He ‘ leaves’ this garbage to the female (If she is spiritually developed) and can get sick for many years, if he is very ‘ dirty’. This is where females absorb spiritual garbage, the men ‘ got rid of garbage’, and many symptoms occur to these females.
Also, as a lot of people do not see the holyness of sex, do have sex with many people. They exchange karma, energy, and all kinds of illnesses, without knowing what they do. This is why whores use a lot of drugs, and get very often sick. Because they ‘ absorb’ the karmic garbage of thousands of men!

Two sacred commited partners

Two partners commited to each other, and seeing the god and godess in theirselves and towards each other can spiritually grow, develop, educate and HEAL each other. Sex is a divine tool of healing. With the correct and right partner! Two old souls, in love with each other, and wellwilling to clean and heal each other can have heavenly seks. This is not about positions, or ‘ how do I do this?’…

There is nothing to it… That is the fun part… With the right person, even only a kiss gives you ‘ energetic trips’. There is nothing like porn movies, or about nakedness, or any sexual idear the media gives you. Lust is human. And this is ok. We are partly ‘ animal’. Just project The ‘ lust’, to the right partner… It is ego-lust to project this on more females/ and males. Just say and commit yourself ‘ My lust and loyalty , my body is commited to.. (name partner). This is all to it! Just tell the ego, you can have lusts and ego, and passion… Just commit this to the right partner…



The wanting to see each other, wanting to touch each other. This is humanly, and how great that feeling is There is no difficulty in this, you do not need lessons, you do not need to read a kamasutra book. You do not need to read about tantra. You just need to ‘ be open’, and just be in the moment, being together… Commit to each other. Say a YES to commit to this relationship. And to yourself, your OWN inner god. And create heaven on earth. Just the two of you. Choose your partner wisely and well… And heal each other! – Love from Leda,

Written by and Copyright Leda
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