The key to the crisis. Embrace the darkness.

‘Embracing the darkness’
‘Many of you have been working with personal love, relational love and divine love. In doing this you have also invoked the opposites of these three sorts of love.
The opposite of personal love is fear, self-judgement, self-denial, shame, guilt, the urge to annihilate yourself so you don’t exist. All these darker aspects of your soul have been coming to the surface.
Now this has also been happening within relationships. Every couple and every individual in a relationship has to face the darker part of their partners and thus deal with the shadowside of their relation. Actually this is the most nourishing and supporting thing you can do: to shed light on the dark aspects, the blind spots in your relationship, to make yourself more whole, to bring more consciousness to the relationship. This is the work you have to do. It’s not only about love and light, it is about entering the darkness of who you are as a couple. So this is the second level.
On the third level, which is about divine love, you have been invoking the light but also the dark side of humankind on a global level. A shadow that is so big and so dark that it encompasses all hatred, disasters and duality, with the ultimate results of war, destruction and interracional and interreligious battles.
All of you are highly equiped to hold the space with your consciousness and your wisdom. This is the ultimate challenge you have: to invite the darkness and to encompass it. To not judge it, to hold it in your hearts and to bring light into the darkness.
Now this is not an easy process at all, because everyone is challenged on a personal level and a relational level, but the main work is on this collective level. Your personal work will have a great ‘ripple effect’ on the larger collective, and it will prevent things from getting too outrageously dark.
But darkness wíll come and this is your exercise in holding the space, working together as a group, getting to know yourself better, your partner better and the whole group of lightworkers together, so you know what to do in case darkness grows. Because this darkness is the result of all people’s fear, of all hatred, of all judgement that is smouldering beneath the surface.
Things will get more difficult in the coming months, because you are in an end period, so things will die – there is a process of dying and letting go – which will bring up everybody’s fears. And these fears will become demons. And people will want to start to fight their demons, and thus they will start to fight each other because they will see the demon in each other. This is the ultimate challenge, to know that the demons are not real, they are an illusion of your own mind, so you are fighting a mirror, an illusion in the mirror.
If there is one message that is of major importance in these times, it is that there is no enemy outside of you. The ultimate enemy is yourself, is your own fear, your own hatred and your own judgement. It’s these three that you have to conquer, to become a light warrior, a warrior of the heart.
It’s important to share this information with a broader collective, so people know what this challenge is all about. Only by holding hands, by making the circle bigger and bigger, can you stand the coming of the darkness. Aho.’
(Florenville, 29/09/2020, after the workshop ‘The Power of the Heart’ in Orval, Belgium)
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