The new masculine

The New Masculine- To the males

The new masculine is a warrior who is connected to his heart.
He honors his emotions and feelings and is not ashamed to express them.
He lets go of what doesn’t serve him and treasures what does.
He is awake to do the necessary soul work to become all he is meant to be.
He knows he doesn’t have all the answers but is always willing to learn.
He has the highest respect for women and treats them as his equal.
He is self-disciplined and holds himself accountable for his choices – but is also flexible when he needs to be.
He knows how to say sorry for his mistakes.
He esteems himself and tells the truth.
He creates trust through his actions.
He doesn’t wallow in shame or guilt for what has gone wrong in the past.
He refuses to blame others for any challenges he has had to overcome in life.
He is caring and compassionate and knows how to encourage others to emulate his example.
He lives a purpose-filled life, is optimistic and confident in the direction he is going.
He doesn’t let life passively pass him by but knows how to make things happen.
He is conscious of his higher calling and looks for ways to serve others.
He spends time outdoors to allow himself to be at one with nature.
He is connected to God within and acknowledges him as the Source.
He doesn’t judge others for believing differently to what he does.
He has a sense of humor and laughs with abandon.
He adores the woman he loves for the goddess she is.
He passionately loves with an open and vulnerable heart.
He is the New Masculine!




Text: ~ Daniel Nielsen