The third world war is happening right now! – It is energetic!

(About dark energies, heart pain, self-protection, raising vibration and wifi)

Since I discussed this with people all around the globe, we all feel the same things going on. We ‘ see’ the same things. We feel the same things. The third world war is here, right now happening. But we cannot ‘ see’. It is all around us.

What is happening in energy at this moment?

Since we all know, we have been upgrading in vibration as a whole humanity, in 2012. Dark energies around us, in people and inside us, cannot survive in this high energy. The ‘ world order’ ( The families who rule this world already for a long time…) The families that earns billions of dollars with wars, weapons, drugs, pills and radiations etc, is ‘ dark energy’. Since all time they fight with ‘ light’. This is like the worst case scenario movie… And it is the true scene. It is truly happening right here!!
Those families control all the media on tv, the magazines, the radio and even ‘ made up’ wars, they invade countries, they use politicians as puppets, to dis-attract us from ‘ real news’. Real news is not published by mainstream media, not even in western countries!
What people do feel and want, is what I hear all around me (But does not get published). Yes, people all around the globe FEEL and see complete dark energies on the streets, in the centres, in the woods, everywhere you go. They feel like ‘ the dark night of the soul’, they feel hugely depressed and we all feel enormous heart attacks/aches. We feel so tired, so tired of fighting, so tired of energy attacks. What is happening?

What we feel and ‘ know’, is that at this moment the biggest battle between light and dark is going on, on earth. There are even seen ‘ black angels’ by people around the globe, who have not been here for a long time. There are demon-portals opening up. Outside is the battle very strongly going on. Maybe that is why you do not feel good, leaving your house. Maybe that is why you feel totally depressed after a round in the city. All entities try to look for help, and attach to those, who are open for it. That is the main reason why you are way to oversensitive, over-aggresive, over-emotional, sik or tired.

They have fully acces to open up and ‘ be here’, because with placing WIFI all around the globe, they can survive in this low energy… The WIFI is accesing the dark world! Without this, the energy would have been too high for anyone to touch us!

This is the time this is happing because before the earth can be really cleansed, all the darkest people, energies, stories, shit and pains, must be seen and felt, AND battled by light inside you, and light of other beings.
If you are sensitive, you will feel all the pain from the spirits, mother earth, entities, angels, your friends, your enemies, and also what the ‘ world order’ is bringing on the news and doing everything to harm/elliminate us.


How do they do this the last years?

WIFI is a war-product. WIFI is a weakened micro-wave radiation. It is used in the ‘ cold war’  by the army, to kill enemies. And now sold as a commercial product!!! They put a system in the enemy’s army, and all the soldiers started having sleeping problems, intuition is not working anymore, they feel out of base, out of power, you actually get sick soon with little symptoms. And in a few years you die of probably cancer. WIFI is a subtle way of killing the enemy. This has been used in war.
The world order, knows all about energy and aura’s and protection.
People are ‘ aware’ when they have the right information, good energy and good protection.


Why does this happen to us? Who we really are.


Because WE have let us being tricked and manipulated for thousands of years now. We have not been able to feel ourselves, our soul and our true nature for a long time. We have been ‘ off track’, now for a long time. It all started way back, when they took away our true origin. And they told us to search for gods outside us, not inside us. The church destroyed the library in Alexandrie. That is where our WHOLE REAL history, and all the sacred documents were preserved. They took away our sacredness, our histor, our ‘ who we are’.

This is the time for worldwide awakening. And to BELIEVE in your innerpower, and the power we can all start change NOW. We can now be the heroes, our earth and humanity ask us for. Step into your self-power. Let the stop to manipulate us, and take us away from our soul and true nature. STOP believing the news, and start listening to your inner-voice: Things are NOT as they seem. Wake up.


What is WIFI doing?

The world order has placed WIFI all over the world, as we speak. In restaurants, the cinema, in hotels, in schools: All where we go, is WIFI. This is done, first of all to eliminate half of the world population within years.
They want more and more control, they want to sell pills and medication. They want you to be to weak to demonstrate. They do not want you in to your intuition. The want to control money and darkness. People cannot be light with WIFI. They OWN telephone providers, they OWN governments, so they are able to let us believe we are all happy with wifi. Thet OWN the media, they make commercials about WIFI, and they make YOU believe to buy tablets and smartphones.
Did you know all tablets and smartphones have a system where they can track you down, wherever you are on earth, even if it is OFF? Did you know they have all our contact-information, pictures, friends, everything you google, everything you email. Did you know they have your blood information, DNA information, They know all!

WIFI is working like this:
Your human protection field, the aura, will instantely ‘ Go away’. WIFI beams within seconds, your aura field to pieces. What happens then? Your natural protection is GONE. So energies from other people, curses, entities, demons (who were always there- but couldn’t touch you) Can immediately enter your energy field, and attach to your chakra’s and body. They start parasiting, making you feel depressed, suicidal and sick.

So everywhere you go, you get more ‘ attachers’, and you feel more out of comfort. Wifi also, just like a microwave, heatens up your cells. But slowly, like a frog in a warm water , that you slowly boil. He will jump when he feels is it boiling, and then he is too late. We are slowly ‘ fried’ in WIFI. It changes our cell-dividing. You start getting mutated cells, all over the body. First you get more colds, head aches, fainting, sleep problems. You go to see a docter, and he gives pills (Sold by… yes!) You start with pills, and further more far away from your strenght and power and intuition. Your body gets sicker and sicker, and your aura thinner and thinner.
And that is how now, everywhere THEY placed WIFI, and this is the third world war. They radiate in purpose and with a goal, billions of people at this moment, all around the world…
And they throw media-attacks, pills, invented wars, fears, dark angels, everything is thrown at us, now we are weakened (and almost killed) By WIFI.


Why does it feels like I am the only one feeling and knowing this?


Dear friend, you are awake! Alive! In your body, in spirit, in soul. You are HERE! Most people are so far, far away from their true origin, they do not feel what they eat, see, do, think or what fake and real is. Mostly people are now full with low energies, with masks, with cover-ups, they are in a zombie-state! Walking around with their cell-phone, not aware of anything going on. We have been misguided for thousands of years, and this is the outcome. But more and more people ‘ awaken’, and want to find their true origin again. The can feel and sense their soul & heart again. There never have been that many awakened people on earth, and also that many people ‘ in zombie state’. The awakened have to help open up other their eyes. And yes, I know how lonely and sad that must be. Find others who are awakened too, and bound!

What can you do?


Education, spreading and protection!
People need information and knowledge. So tell everyone you meet about WIFI, and let them throw it away! Give information to schools, and every public place with WIFI. Please cleanse every chakra, and our body and aura EVERYDAY with meditation, yoga, incense, salie. And ask the guardian angels like Michael and Gabriel: ‘ Please cut all the cords around me from people and other energies Archangel Michael, with your lightening sword’. After that ALWAYS ask Gabriel to ‘ Clean your house and yourself with a huge violette burning fire’.

After you did this, say ‘ thank you’, and say ‘ I am fully protected and in my own energy’. Please pray that everyone gets aware, and humans start to WAKE UP, and feel the WIFI killing them. Please let us all pray the light will get bigger, the hearts of people will more awaken. Please pray for all the people being attacked by dark energies… Please set your city into light, please see your country in the light. Please see the earth in a light… Please educate everyone you see. We need every individual to BE strong, and help everyone around you. Protect yourself everyday. Place your Facebook in the light, buy a old mobile phone without those tracking abilities. Place your children in the light and ‘ clean’ them. Live with a healthy lifestyle to stay focused. Drink much water, be in and with nature as much as you can, train your body, Bound with loved ones, and pray together.

This is the batlle guys. The battle humanity has since the age of Atlantis. We were all One- And we ARE all one. You = Me. They = Us. Weare not slaves. We are a free will. Free humans. Free spirits. We got enslaved afterthe age of Atlantis. And this is the energy of freedom.  Before this occurs, there must be darkness everywhere. KNow there is always Light, that comes after dark. Never before were there so many masters, teachers, and lightworkers alive on planet Earth. Weare here for a reason. Be the seed that grows on the mud. Be the stillness in the storm. Yu know what to do, we all know what to do. We are bringing back a new golden age. Please share, forward, let everyone know what is going on. Do not watch or read the mainstream media, most of it is directed by the big guys. Please read alternative news, and connect with sensitive/aware light people around the globe. WIFI and radiation had to end NOW…. Do not live in a house, neighbourhood with wifi or other antenna’s. Please have the strenght to email your city council, work, neighbour, school, children, friends, collegue’s, to get WIFI OUT NOW.
Please tell your cinema, please tell your docter (who has all this sick patients!!) Please tell your hotel, your boss, your shop, everyone and everywhere with WIFI, we all need to help each other please!!

Love each other, please battle for light… Let us all send love to each other.



Please share the information all around the globe. Do not listen to media, advertisers, telephone-companies and the government about radiation. Please follow alternative news.

It is our DUTY to humanity to stand up NOW…..!!! Do not let anyone say you are crazy… You are AWARE. MAKE everyone aware, trust yourself on this…. I believe in YOU.




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