When a Tough guy falls in love

Even the toughest cookies- The most loudest tigers – The yelling rebels are just hit by light, tenderness and softness when they finally ‘ fall in love’ with a woman. Too bad, you’re screwed! 🙂

Tough Guy

No matter how tough you are, or need to be in the outside world:
When you are with the woman you love, you automatically open your heart zone.
No matter how a rough cookie you become, or need to be: You can open up in love, with the one who is safe for you. Your heart knows who this is, it speaks it’s own language. No thoughts, mind or ego can compete with the simple language of the heart. The barriers you build, the walls you created, the roles you play everyday: The fall down when you enter the zone in our heart, with her. It does not matter anymore who you play you are. The soul has no disguise. She sees you, for who you are. It just takes a moment to see ‘ You’. It just takes one woman. And the right one.

Tough, is nothing wrong with. As long as you are able to open your heart for the one who deserves it.

How will the Ego react on love?

The ego will try to keep you more addicted, more angry, more hatefull, more fearfull, and more frightened for a while. The biggest fears and addictions will turn up when the Ego smells ‘ love’. You probably never even knew it was such a monster before you turn up anywhere near love.I even heard people instantely get sick, or want to leave another country, just as long as it is far away from any possible connection or meeting. or a instant drug addiction (addictions are to keep you lonely and weak!!! The ego will pull all possible strings to keep you away from any true loving interference.) The heart will beat this monster instantely and will return to love, always. If this happens in an hour or 10 years, that is up to your own inner strength. Are you in a serious ego-batlle for the first time because of love? The month december is a very heavy cosmic EGO month. It wants to fight to stay ‘ alive’. So It will make you addicted, angry, hatefull or lonely. Just keep your head up by returning into love and self-love. Sending her/him light and love on a distance is enough to keep the energy up. Just like dracula will melt when he sees light, Ego starves with love. True love. King Kong and Jane. This huge aggresive monster turned into a loving cookie when he saw her. He gets her and they leave together!

Getting a man is taking really powerfull soul strength. It is not about being cool, tough, harsh, telling me what to do or what to ‘ think’, yelling or rebelling. It is about the Energy YOU bring. No matter what the situation is. And towards a woman, simple ‘ control your dick’. :-) Open the door, take care of her she she cannot, get her away if she needs to be saved. I Really believe this is working out for all man, by all the experience and by all the thousands of people I worked with, all the man were really happe when they finally were ‘ a man’. And that has nothing to do with roughness , being cool , rich, handsome, or a rebel. A man has grace, also in the heart. And when he loves a woman, he will take care of her, ask her how she is doing, even buy a house for her if this is what needs to happen. Do not settle for less. I can buy my own house in the future, I just try to explain the power a man has to move earths when he works with love.

There are almost no ‘ gentlemans.’  Read: Gentle, ‘elegant’ mens….

A man who ‘ cares’, a man who is able to OPEN UP for you. The world is full with man who play they are ‘ tough’, and do not Care for someone. It takes an open heart, to love someone else. This takes selfpower, and the ability to love yourself, and also another person fully. That is ‘ a man’. To love another person and to open up your heart for that, is getting ‘ a strong man’. Being alone, or live with a closed heart is easy. Love takes courage.