Newsflash 2017: Welcome to The Newest Coachings- Therapy- Healings & Sessions made by Enlightening Media & Coaching

Dear brothers and sisters * Lieve broeders en zussen,

Enlightening Coaching is ready to assist you.

We work with these appointments

You can schedule a session by phone and email for 30 minutes
One hour or two hours.

Or per healing or per subject/topic/question.

We can do a:

  • Full intake plus coaching and healing
  • Full intake plus coaching
  • No intake but only a healing
  • No intake but a immediate session or coaching by phone and/or email.

The donations are given by email if you are interested.

By phone all around the world.

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These are all the healings and coaching we do for 2017

New! Sessions to put females in their godess power. Males in their god power. Also sessions to meet your personal totem-animals and dragon! Including your personal Guides and your Angels. We also do HSP coaching, ADD coaching, regressiotherapy and talking about your mission and purpose in life! Also new: Lyme sessions and coaching, depression, CVS, – And detoxing of organs.
We also now have money-sessions to see where the blockages are and to clean them, so money will flow in your life.
Also twinsouls readings and readings about the future. We also now have starseed children and parental coaching, past-life clean ups and coaching about grounding, energetic protection and how to leave and cope with narsists and parasites and how to cut al cords. Family-karma cleansing and Relational coaching or twinsoul coaching in Self-Love. We also give sexuel energy clean-ups for our root chakra and Heart-chakra activations.

Please feel welcome at us- We are happy to assist you together in your process.

Book your healing and/or session here:

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Powerful 5D ANKH-Healings

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I am available for the long distance healings. A 5D power clean up. I look at your aura, chakra’s, organs, entities in your house, karma lines and cords to other people. I clean up al your chakra’s- your organs get a boost and it strenghtens our essence your soul power. It gets you out of your head. I ground you and I put you into light and true self-power and get away old energy and karma lines or lines to expartners and family. It takes three weeks to work on you and is known as the strongest and most energy and body clean-up worldwide.

You email me your syptoms, pains and needs and name and birthdate. I work on you for three weeks. The Ankh-healing costs 140 euro per three weeks. You will sleep better, get more grounded and feel better in your energy. It gives also a powerboost. I am available these weeks.

You only need to email me for the request:

Love Leda

Intensieve afstandszuivering ** Intense energy clean-up

Team Enlightening Media & Coaching
Leda de Zwaan
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