About Enlightening Coaching© (English)

How we help as Life coach * Healer *Counsellor * Transformer? Enlightening Media© and Enlightening Coaching© are registered copyrighted names. It is against law to use these names. Self-Mastership© Articles, names, lectures, books or any other media performing or using this name is against copyright. You can call on me with ALL of life’s issues, anything you are struggling with, and ask me for help with everything that we are going to make an overview of and will try to solve together. Whether it is physical, mental, psychological or spiritual. That does not matter. Look below the ‘SUBMENU’ (at the bottom of the site) which forms are specialisms, that perhaps are relevant to YOU! (Possibly also your partner or child.) What is unique, is that we look at ALL facets in your life: Nutrition, exercise, communication, your friends, your relationship, your past, your past lives, your energy, your work, your mission, the blocks that are holding you back, your strengths, your house and much, much more… My aim is to help you connect with your inner strength and to remove all blocks that are holding you back. Healing, transformation, insights and purification on both emotional – physical- relational and possibly spiritual … Continue reading About Enlightening Coaching© (English)