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We are a new Media platform that brings news in Truth. You can bring in News that the world should know!

News not brought by TV or radio. Real News.

News like:

  • Ancient knowledge
  • New Energy
  • Healing products
  • Fantastic new news like new science
  • New ways of living
  • Ways to heal
  • Political news on the shift
  • News that enlightens
  • News on energy forecast or astrology
  • Fantastic new music or movies
  • News on new found piramides, new investigations on our planet
  • News  to alarm the public
  • Loving texts
  • Awakening articles
  • Discovery channel news: News we did not hear about
  • Research done by a reader on a subject that is competley re-newing
  • New ways of living, like a new town living on free energy or new builded houses made out f hennep
  • News to warn us, like, chips in our food
  • Let us know if important changes are important to place on the website to awaken people
  • News that unifies everyone into One field.
  • New products or food that is healing
  • New healing methodes
  • People who bring amazing work: Let us interview about your work!

Email our Editorial staff : Enlighteningmedia.info@gmail.com


Make sure you:

  • Place all info in one mail. Links, sources, movies and as much info you can get on the subject. Email shortly what the date is, it is published and why it is ‘ news’ for us. Leave it with email and phonenumber or anonymous is also fine.