How can I help you as a New Energy Coach I Teacher I Inspirator I Guide and Transformator?

How can I help you as New Energy Life coach I Teacher I Healer and Guide?

Leda q-day 2013

Short Terms:


Enlightening Media, Coaching & Healing

Journalist I Researcher I Scientific researcher I Media-professional I International Author I Speaker I Writer I New-energy Coach I Meditations I Regression I ADD I HSP I Energetic science I 5D beauty I Life-design I Healthy home I Sustainibility I Twinsouls and soulmates I Karmacleanse I Power-healings I Body-Mind and Spirit Professional

You can get help from me with ALL issues in your life, anything that you

run into and bring me everything. Then we will make an overview and try to

solve it together. Whether it is physical, mental, psychological or spiritual.

Uniquely, Leda looks at ALL facets of your life: Nutrition, exercise,

communication, your friends, your relationship, your past, your past lives, your

energy, your job, your mission, your blockades, your points of strength, your

home and much, much more… where during therapy, you have to have dozens

of sessions and have to consult many different therapists, Leda does all this in

one go. The goal is empowering you and removing all blockades. YOU are the

instrument, however, I only shine the light on your path. You are the one

undergoing the change, and feeling the change yourself. What Leda does, is not

being your guru. Not the one who takes your strength out of your hands to heal

YOU. You are doing it all yourself. She only pushes the buttons, she gives you

the tools, she activates healing. She gives you the starting points for your road

ahead, she uncovers the blockades. Purely and honestly.




A selection of the most frequent issues:

Are you bothered by health issues?

The feeling of living in your head and no longer recognizing your feelings?

Are you feeling alone and unsafe in your life?

Are you struggling to express what you really want?

Are you afraid of taking steps in life?

Are you attracting the same kind of destructive relationships?

Are you unable to love yourself?

Are you having strange dreams or nightmares?

Are you unable to get rid of addictions?

Don’t you know what your mission in life is?

Do you feel some things are draining all your energy?

Do you have a child that is impossible to handle?

Is your child very wise and highly paranormally gifted, HSP or does it have ADD?

Would you like to train your intuition better?

Would you like to learn how to heal yourself and to keep on cleansing on a daily

basis and to keep yourself stable?

Would you like to learn exercises to better ground yourself?

Would you like to learn how to close off your energy so you can function better

and come into contact with your own energy better? Would you like to know

which direction you should take in life?

Another job, another place to live, or another partner?

How you can clean up your karma?

What you and your partner should learn from each other and why you both met?

How you can adapt your nutrition and your life pattern, so you feel good inside

your body and it functions better?

How you can function your best in this life?

Would you like to find out what your mission is?



An expert in the area of:

Heart meditations and healing

• Taking away blockade feeling unsafe on earth

• Arriving at yourself and staying there in times of crisis

• Daring to be safe in the world and with yourself

• Insight into your relationships

• Curing yourself of disease and convalescence afterwards

• Healing with herbs, gems and food supplements

• Curing your body with super foods and learning how to cook differently

• Meeting your guide and angels and loved ones who have passed away

and learning how to cooperate with them the rest of your life

• Meetings with soul mates, twin soul meetings and the lessons you can

• Cleansing chakras and making these more dense

• Learning how to deal with your paranormal ability – ADD- HSP (also children)



Why do I call myself ‘new energy coach?’


More possible results of coaching:

Improvement of communication skills

Learning how to handle your ADD or HSP qualities (also for children and

Learning how to interpret your dreams

Convalescence from disease or burnout

Improvement of relationships (both partner and colleagues and friends)

Psychosomatic issues (your physical issues caused by emotions)

Tracking down, processing and letting go of youth traumas

Removing blockades in the body, meridians and other energy zones

Cleansing of aura and home (energy disturbances)

Reliving past lives and processing possible traumas

Coaching in nature (It is possible to take a walk in nature, to use it’s force, to be

able to release something inside of you)

These and many other questions you can bring to me, to work on them





I heal and undertake 5D steps. Th body- mind- aura – past – now- future and the chakra’s: We are on multipl levels ‘ alive’.

* Regression and reincarnation therapy

* The healing journey/journeywork (Brandon Bays)

*Accupressure (Chinese pressure points massage)

*Meeting and contacting angels and your guide

* Ancient Egyptian and Atlantic teachings

* High sensitivity and ADD counseling (adults and children)

* Cristal children consciousness

*New age energy management

  • Karma cleansing, healing, releasing old blockages
  • Releasing the body from trauma and pain
  • Cutting cords with the past
  • Lifestyle coach
  • Regression therapy
  • Wifi and electromagnetic expertise
  • Home sustainibility
  • House clearing
  • Aura clearing
  • Mission coaching
  • Twinsouls and soulmate progress, haling and transformation
  • Job coaching
  • Coaching female into godess power
  • Coaching males into thir god power
  • Depression and anxiety-problems
  • sleep disorders
  • Youth trauma’s and the step to healing
  • Become your own master and true Love
  • Healing from grieve
  • Coaching and steps to healing in the progress with Lyme disease
  • Inner child healing
  • Herbal and superfood healing the body- expertise
  • Anti-age super programme (half a year programme to look and feel ten years younger)
  • Dealing with negativity
  • Dealing with relationships and divorce
  • Questions about ‘ why are we on earth, and what is happening, and how can I deal with this?
  • How do I change my life into powr and love
  • How can I heal my heart?
  • How can I attract my soulmate?


(picture Own archive- A moment of Self-Power.)


Consultation by phone – this lasts for about an hour and a half. A consultation

by email will be broader email, to paint the complete picture. Consultation by

phone is very pleasant because you can do exercises together right away. I

observe your body, as it were, and scan your organs and blockades and chakras

and receive images of this together with you. We will start clearing these up,

processing them and releasing them right away. To do this, I make use of many

techniques that are different for every person and through my energy it

immediately has effect and already a lot is released in the client. People

immediately feel energy flowing and even blockades disappearing completely.

They immediately feel lighter, muscles become softer, they are in the ‘here and

now’ more and notice a difference in their hearts, think more positively about

themselves, feel more emotions and old excess baggage is strongly decreased.

It is also possible to do meditation counseling and to answer all your other

questions or to listen to your story.

Consultation by email– Apart from that, I conduct consultations by email. That

means, that you can send me an email. In response, you will be sent an

extensive questionnaire, with the request to fill it out. I will then respond by

sending you an extensive letter. This method is very accessible and is in tune

with the digital age!  (Possibly you will have to attach photographs) Usually,

afterwards there will be a consultation by telephone, where we will start working

together right away. Afterwards, you can choose yourself if you would prefer to

continue keeping in touch by telephone or by email.

Consultations by Skype – For half an hour, or an hour as update to the intake.

For more questions you can email through the contact form.







Leda’s areas of expertise are:

Goal: Your energy can only flow abundantly if you discover your mission.

We need to start taking care that the new energy will start flowing through

all aspects of your life as best it can, and that’s why we will start taking a

We will start to discover your learning process and track down blockades in your

life. These can be blockades in the area of:

Work, relationships, children, sexual problems, problems in relating, unprocessed

youth traumas, blockades or unfinished business from a past life, a wrong

nutritional pattern, too little or wrong exercises, too many stress factors in your

life, energy blockades in your body or your aura, the location of your home,

wrong medication. Kundalini experiences and spiritual crisis, and symptoms of

the new energy. Learning how to handle high sensitivity, ADD better and also

how to handle your highly sensitive and/or paranormally gifted child (often called

I look at possible addictions or patterns that have formed and how we can break


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