Love yourself right now in these difficult time

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Change is upon us dear shining ones. You are releasing the last vestiges of what no longer serves you. Anything you are holding onto that is toxic must be released for your highest and best healing. Let it go. Let it flow. Cry. Laugh. Sing. Breathe. Do what you need to move this energy through. This is a reset and calibration. And, breathe again.

You are making room for the New to come in. Something better. This struggle will not last. You will rise above this and embrace the Love that You Are! If you feel low look at your thoughts. If your thoughts are bringing you down they are rooted in fear. Go into your heart and into that place of unconditional Love. There you will find respite and comfort.


Be gentle and kind to yourSelf at this time. You are new like a baby and are being born into the light again. You are stretching and having some growing pains. You do have muscle memory and you have done this before. So you know you can do it again. You can not only survive but thrive!

I AM here to hold the space for your highest healing and perfect well-being. Remember that you are loved beyond measure and worthy, as you are a Child of Our Creator. Because of that your birthright is one of abundance in all things.

Breathe in Love. Exhale Gratitude. Find your center. Feel your connection to The Divine. Stay in the flow of Life while riding the new energy waves and acclimating to the higher frequencies coming in.

You will adjust. You will return to a state of homeostasis and balance very soon. Focus on being present and allowing the moment to be what it is. Acceptance is key. Remember who you are and how much you are loved. By many. In this world and the non-physical. You are protected and guided from above. YOU ARE LLOVEl💫