5 Signs You’re Experiencing A Higher Dimensional Shift

5 Signs You’re Experiencing A Higher Dimensional Shift
The spiritual path is unique to everyone and will be different depending on where your life is at, because of that this is largely uncharted territory. Experiencing a dimensional shift can be one of the most disorienting things anyone can go through.
It can seem as if you wake up one day and the world is upside down, and it can quite literally be like that! When I first experienced a dimension shift it felt like I had traveled to a new planet entirely, and yet I was in the exact same place.
The things around me hadn’t changed…but the way I was looking at them had. During the course of our life we can go through endless dimension shifts, however there are a few key signs to identify. This post is to help you find clarity in what is an extremely confusing time.
What Is A Dimensional Shift?
Before we get into the signs you’re experiencing a shift, let’s clear up what exactly that means and why it’s important. On the most basic level a consciousness shift, dimension shift, exiting the matrix, whatever you want to call it, is about bringing awareness to your reality and seeing beyond just the physical.
When we engage in practices like meditation or mindfulness we tune into an energy that permeates all existence. In becoming aware of this energy we see how everything is connected. We see the lies we were taught about the nature of reality. We see that there is more than meets the [physical] eye.
As we shift into higher and higher dimensions our knowledge of reality gets increasingly expansive. We embody deeper levels of love, wisdom, peace and clarity.
Living In The 4th Dimension
For this post we’re going to be talking mainly about a fourth dimensional shift, although some of these symptoms will apply to a number of different ‘shifts’. In fact this is just the language we are using now to make it easier to understand this transition, although the experience itself is far more expansive than any one label.
The fourth dimension is outside of linear space and time. It is the dimension we tune into when we apply the law of attraction, where we play with our internal energy/emotions/thoughts in order to shift the physical.
We often talk about the 3D or speak on a 5D shift, but there is very little information on 4D. 4D acts as the bridge between 3D and 5D, from linear time to non-linear to the NOW moment. To live in 5D we must first pass through 4D and so this is an incredible important discussion to have. Let’s get right into it!
1. You experience ‘glitches’ in your reality
The first and most noticeable sign that you are currently experiencing a dimensional shift is the occurrence of glitches in your reality. These can take on the form of constant synchronicity, deja vu, seeing energy in the air, past life memories seeping into your daily life, and synchronistic encounters.
These glitches make you step back for a moment and question if reality is as you believed it to be. Even the smaller occurrences can stick with us for years, it can feel like we’ve taken a peek behind the curtain.
These glitches essentially act as subtle ways to make us more aware as we go about the day, notice how everything is interconnected, and come into contact with the energy that permeates all existence.
2. Dreams become vivid, waking life becomes dreamy
The second tell tale sign that you experiencing a shift is that your dream become exceptionally vivid. You are often waking up from dreams feeling intense emotions, feeling as if what you experienced was real somehow or knowing that it had a deeper meaning.
Along with this, it can feel as if we are living in a dream in our waking hours. As we go about our day we may experienced an increased lucidity, everything appears brighter and more pleasant. We randomly meet people who compliment us, or speak about things we were thinking about.
This occurs because as we raise our level of consciousness we begin to see how the dream world and waking world are linked. We see the realness of our dreams and the falseness or dream-like quality of our waking lives.
The gap in between the two closes. It’s common to dream about things only for them to happen the next day, or have incredibly lucid dreams where we have insightful conversations with dream characters.
3. Time feels expansive
Another common symptom of a dimension shift is the sense that time has become more expansive. This can look like temporary memory loss, not being able to place the days and feeling like time has been condensed.
Of course when looking at symptoms like this it is incredibly important to put them in the right context, be careful not to characterize a mental health/physical problem as a spiritual one. As you navigate the awakening process keeping yourself grounded and your physical body and mind healthy is just as important.
Memory loss may come in the form of feeling as if you are simply a point of consciousness, that your physical memories in this one lifetime aren’t all that you have. Past life memories can bubble to the surface and be triggered by mundane activities.
4. You feel a deep sense of oneness
I would say that the most telling sign that you’ve shifted to a higher state of consciousness is the sense that you are not alone, in that you feel your connection to every living being around you.
When you walk in nature you can feel how you are connected to the trees, birds, even bodies of water. You walk around and animals will happily approach you, people feel uplifted in your presence and babies will smile at you. It’s your energy that they are perceiving and feeling at home with.
You will find that you are attracting random encounters with people who are on your wavelength, they mention things that you were thinking, meet you at your moment of need, or seem to communicate with you in a telepathic manner. These people are what we refer to as soul family; they act as your support network in this physical incarnation.
5. You are drawn to help others
The final step is feeling drawn to help others! As we move along our spiritual path and become more aware it’s natural to want to spread that knowledge with others. This doesn’t mean we lecture or force our opinions on others but that we are more conscious with our interactions.
We may express what we are learning (or unlearning) through writing, art or music. As we awaken we become beacons of light that others are attracted to, with this we must be extremely conscious of how we exchange energy.
Just as beacons can attract those in need, they can also attract those with ill intentions. As you go about your day these energy sucking interactions will become increasingly obvious, they pinpoint where we can fill in our ‘energy leakages’ and become more stable in our awareness.
No doubt many or all of these signs sound familiar to you. Know that you are not alone, there are thousands if not millions of other people going through this same awakening journey. As will become clear, this journey includes becoming more sensitive to the light but also more sensitive to the shadow, and so you’ll want to keep your wits about you.