The Godess. She’s Coming into Her Power..

She’s Coming into Her Power..
She has Awakened to the realization that below the surface of all her endeavors is a desire and drive to experience the love that she is. 💕 💓 💕
She knows this because her greatest fulfillment occurs when her heart is fully open and her ego dissolves…
In those moments she feels only love towards herself and whomever or whatever is in front of her,
She is empty of wanting,
She is free of self- doubt,
She has no fear,
She feels no compulsion to protect her heart,
She has no desire to be impressive or to prove herself,
She has lost the hunger to grab for herself or to withhold anything or any part of herself…
In those moments her longing to be loved disappears because she’s already filled with it and it’s overflowing, touching and enveloping all beings in her sphere…
She’s immersed in the ecstatic union of the Divine forces within her… her whole being is vibrating with the sweetness and gentle light of “presence”.
In those moments she’s viewing the world through the compassionate eyes of Divine Mother and she’s fully aware that everyone and everything is her own reflection, there is no divide…
In those moments she knows that all is sacred, all is precious and all are worthy.
Having experienced these moments, she feels the grief of separation more acutely when her ego returns…
So these days instead of bowing to her ego and identifying with it, she’s observing it and she’s in the practice of constantly letting go of its fear based promptings..
She’s no longer succumbing to the temptation to pursue “success”
She knows that if there were such a thing, it would be her capacity
to let go of false, socially programmed aspirations and be obedient instead to the inner calling of her own heart and soul that knows all and is “all”…
She’s now more allowing and embracing of all that is sent her way, she’s no longer pushing against the tide or running away…
She’s in the Goddess Tara’s boat, crossing the river of illusion
And she can hear Tara’s ancient vow on the wind: “May I, in a female body, work for the welfare of all beings, until such time as all humanity has found its fullness.”
She’s humming her mantra, “Om tare tutare ture so-ham”.
The mists are parting and she’s seeing the shore.
“She’s an Awakened Woman, a Goddess “