Your cosmic Partner- Coming Home. – Your True partner. ♥–This is how you Know.–♥.

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–This is how you Know.–.

*Feeling peace with Nothing ‘ knowing it at all’. Stillness inside.*

By Leda de Zwaan- April 2017

A Cosmic partner does not wants another body or soul ‘ to have’, there is no confusion, there is no ‘problem’, and there is not a change to deny. It is set up above. Your True partner does not need explanations, you can trust him/her completely. He/She does not need you to fullfill his/her needs. He just knows what to do and what to say- She brings him in his source- His true potential- She can walk the earth safely- They protect and heal each other. (While together)

They are two unique, whole- souls, connected with their Own source (inside)

All the others were lessons to grow- Heal-Teach to get the puzzle whole. Thank them for the lessons.

They do not need to compliment or Feed each other. They just walk their own path- Without any word- They just know each other’s process- Feelings- and knowing how to spiritually grow each other. It goes natural. You do not even have to ‘ think about it’. Only about ‘ yourself’.

There is not a feeling they desire for (instant) sex/intimacy or another partner. There is more then the body.
They just feels ‘ This is HOME’-
No DOUBT about it. I find peace, I find Rest, I finally find ‘ home’- And there is no time to give the other person to see/meet / be with each other.

* Rest from inside. A lover’s vacation *

It is INSIDE- A rest- A heart beat- A soul to soul marriage- Without any names, or anything to bounder this. You just met yourself.. You came home. There is no Brain or thought giving you this idear. You do not need to analyze it.- How amazing- It just falls all together- It is not a difficult therapy or parasiting energy- It is al booster, a huge vacation. You can settle. Sit. Stare at the sun. Lay down. Enjoy the butterflies in your stomach.
Let all the old fears go. You are re-born. The old, cared, You is gone. Let love come through your DNA, Your Cells. You are not scared anymore. You are able to love yourself and all that this brings, 200%. Clean. White screen. A new You.





* Heal the inner child- Make new commitments*

Maybe you were not loved by your parents- Or did your attract past lovers that harmed you, dis-repected you, Took your soul- Cheated on You- Did not see your body as Holy- Or Your soul as a God or Godess. Maybe you were never taught well in How to Love. Maybe you only had partners, who left you- Because your inner child thinks that ‘ was’ love. People who alway ran away, so you would remain ‘ unharmed’. See inside ‘ what kind of energies’ You attracted. See how your inner child reacts on love- and what He/she is crying for. Hold her/him in Your arms.
Heal. Love. Now we make a New commitment: ‘ This is not my childhood, this is not my ex-partner, this is not my father or mother. I AM my own father and mother. I nurish my Own child. I love her so much- She is Free and totally unharmed. She can play, and laugh, and live unharmed in unconditional LOVE. She/ deserves Also friends and partners that totally love me, as much as I do. I am able to forget the past- And commit myself and my inner child- That she/he is healed. There is only love for her. I attract only partners and people who ‘ see me’, just as I do now for myself. I won’t walk away from loving myself from now on.’


*No more looking Outside yourself- The restless nights are over*

That is a cosmic marriage. You do not need to have restless nights- A fear there will be another woman/man in their life-
A fear you need to ‘ do something’ to make it last.
Then this is Just NOT your partner. If he/she takes off, have another, give out their body and soul just like that- Or do not understand your soul or spiritual process: This is just NOT your cosmic partner…
You can let it go then- By knowing- Your real cosmic partner IS Home. And he knows it/ and YOU know it.
Without speaking about it…

The whole world can stand up UPSIDE DOWN- There can be a hundred man in front of your face- With all the money and great tools to offer you- There can be an earthquake- You can feel empty or depressed- YET you are able to fullfill Yourself-

It is a piece of Cake to stand in your power at this moment, to say ‘ NO’ to other woman/man (or whatever they throw at your feet right now). It does not matter if you pass the examn. Just know that our true heart vibration is so strong, it wipes out continents from the map 🙂

You do not need to ask for rest- You do not need to call or to say how you are. You do not need to ‘ Say I love you’- and give him children or sex, in order to stay or ‘ get him’. He will never leave. She will never leave. This is a bound beyond body, mind and spirit. It is 5D! All levels, and You can just be You… everyday, always!
Do not be afraid he will run away, or get another person or leave.

(Picture: The energy of your True potential! SEE the power!)

*You can spiritually grow and develop in your own time*

Knowing he/she won’t go away. You can finally just ‘ trust’ it. Even is you sometimes do not feel trust- It mostly is a spiritual lesson, learned by your partner- Given to You to Grow.

Not negatively/or giving up energy- But to Grow in strength, to love Yourself More. Your True partner gives experiences and inspiration of getting closer towards You. Not with pain and great wars, scars or mistreaten You. Just because, there is an invinsible water that grows your Soul like a flower in a garden after a fresh Rainshower.

You would also not leave Yourself. When you stop leaving yourself, but choose for Yourself. Everyday in and out.
The partner meant for you in this life- Will start to choose for hisself also- You put each other in your own source, without depending on each other, or unbalancing each other. You just know. Trust all the pains you had in your past- all the hurt- all the cheating- all the broken heart nights you have survived. The superficial sex, and fights (maybe- whatever you experienced, in ‘ getting lost’, by giving yourself away).
Choose to love your life and yourself. Then you are able to attract your True partner- And to stay grounded in the process.

* Healing starts naturally. *

Love is meant to heal You.- You will heal each other- Just by energy and their presence… The puzzle is neverending- The signals of the cosmos lead you to the right direction every time. You can feel each other without eeing each other. It is easy, Not difficult. You only need to let go of all concepts, labels, time and Old scars/wound you had from past experiences. They just heal. You do not need to ask to be your partner. It just ‘ is’.
Just listen to the stillness, inside you. Even if a hundred people say ‘ leave her’- ‘ she will take to long’ ‘ she is not ready’ ‘ move on with your life’, or the most attractive people start flirting with You- trying to ‘ have you’, these are all… ‘ TESTS’ to survive- How strong You are INSIDE to choose for Your soul- And Yourself.

If this person is Not in your Life yet- Or is in another dimension- It is also alright. Sometimes it is not meant to be an Earthy cosmic marriage.
Your True partner starts with Loving You- Who you Truly are. This is the only main reason, what you came to do here. And it can take life-times. Finding your Self-Love.
Nobody can help you with this- Not even Your True partner!! YOU can only find You- Never wait for another person to bring You home, if you have not figured it out. You already ARE home, always- We just have forgotten for a long time, what ‘ home is’. I can lead you home, we can lead each other home, in Love. You are the one, the one and only- To feel ‘ when you are home’, nobody can tell You where to find it- How it feels- Or what to choose. Only You find the answer of being home- When you are still and listen. You ARE together- But a individual soul having a mission- Like yesterday- When you did not meet her/him. Only maybe even a better version to grow side by side. . It does not even matter. It is just ‘ alright’.

* Great tests for the EGO will start up now! Get ready *
The most delicious things will try to hook you up right now- To distract you! Hurray! How much of a Light Warrior are You- You only know your strength- When the tests are coming.

How strong do You already live in your True essence. It is testing Fase! . No worries. You will get Through it, without a wound, if you are ready.
You get tested how Strong your true spirit is. They will throw you the best ego-challenges right at the feet: Scars, wounds, being scared, beautiful sexy people, maybe even money or a depresion or lonelynes: How much can You love Yourself and be in harmony with your True Essence? Trust me. The attractions, how great they may seem- Are there to Test if you finally Have chosen for Yourself.


* When Cosmic love come in your life *

You get tested how strong you listen to your heart- And you will be put in the biggest challenge, if you are ready to listen to your soul and not your ego.
When the other person cannot listen- And is not able to fully live in source with himself/herself- Simply let go. Because the only first and real love , is in the beginning YOU> And you should never lie to Yourself. It starts with living and Loving YOU.
Do not have a sleepless night. Do not fear. Do not ever change your life for One other day- Because of another person. The only True partner has no influence on Your Self-Love. He loves himself also. Love yourself Today and Tomorrow- Like You have never loved Yourself before. You are the light you have been waiting for. You are your own Hero. You create how much you can love and be loved.
You are totally home, after a long travel. Rest. Breath. Sleep.

Coming home.

Written by Leda de zwaan 19-04-2017

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About the Author:

Leda is a writer, speaker, journalist, singer, and Coach of the New Energy. She specializes in Add/HSP, twinsoul- and soulmate relationships, Energetic Clearence, Self-Mastership, Cosmic Marriage, Self-Love, 5D detoxes on every level. Or how about: Creating a New Life,  Trauma-Healings, Mission-Coaching, Karma cleansing, Regression-therapy, and Personalized Meditations. She is an entrepreneur to guide towards a new global shift. She also gives counseling & advice to Institutes and Organisations and researches on many subjects to Global Awareness, Universal Human Rights, Energy-management, Sustainability, Science, Communication, Unification, Health-Awareness and New Ways of thinking.

She publishes awakening, activating and consciousness raising texts and films. Her goal is to shed light to take new paths. She was a pioneer that broke trails in many kinds of areas.

She tries to re-connect you – and Every part of the chain – with your Inner voice,  Our True Unique Essence of Self-Mastery, Wisdom, Knowledge and Self-Love. Towards a New Earth, in the middle of the Shift. So called ‘ New Energy;- As she calls her mission. Her website can be found at:

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She also writes on sustainability, her observations in society and transformation.