About Enlightening Media© (English)

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About Enlightening Media©

We are a one. And we work on a global shift towards a new energy and a new world. We spread free knowledge, articles, books, movies and healing words or knowledge.

We are a global network of volunteers with 20 years of experience.

Our network has the best journalists, media-professionals, celebrities, Alternative Transparant-Truth Media- Collegues around the world, professors,  political new Energy system experts, scientists, alternative doctors, healers, therapists, psychologists, light warriors and writers of the new Energy. With a heart and power to unite everyone as One.

We also have political reasearchers, awakening and activating professionals that work globally on a huge shift towards One world with Self-mastership as an individual. We work on a non-commercial base.

We heal, spread, write, assist, team-up to give humanity love, light, power and knowledge.

Our mission has always been to offer something to people, that ‘enlightens’ them.

in some way. That’s why Enlightening Media® was chosen. We represent news

that sheds new light on certain facts. Subjects that make you more aware in life.

By which you are triggered to think. We bring news with depth, covering several

of life’s aspects. News that is not the umptieth article you read, but: “A real

journalist creates new news’.


Without advertising, Enlightening Media has already had 800,000 page views in our own mother-country.

The site is on a volunteer basis and not-for-profit. It began as a blog site, where

people could find all their information for insight, healing, beauty, transformation

and knowledge of the world.

Everything is done not-for-profit. Out of passion.



Key phrases:


• Straightforward

• In-your-face

• Honest

• No-nonsense

• No scheming

• Real news

• News you should know

• News that makes you aware

• News the world should know, not ‘what you should know’.

• Pure and sincere

• Innovative

You can get in touch with Enlightening Media for:

• Writing articles for magazines, trade journals, your company journal

• In-depth interviews

• Travel stories

• Lifestyle articles with subjects taken from life

• Columns from and by a journalist who also coaches (for example spiritual or

psychological section)

• Producing reports on location

• For hire when you need a reporter, interviewer, producer or editor for a specific


• Company videos, when you wish to present your staff and/or members with a

video that deals with personal matters. For example, that could be a video

on meditation (that you wish to present in a staff room). A report for an

anniversary, where we interview your staff or on the contrary, interview

you and your colleagues.

• Providing ideas for your exhibit, or a special day that needs to be organised

where you wish to have an emphasis on innovative, awareness-raising

subjects. Enlightening media can put themselves very well into your vision

and your goal. We will start working with this and will put together a

memorable and special day together with you.

• Sending your products for review to our editorial

• Hiring our knowledge on products for your newspaper or magazine


  •  From the heart, meant for each human- Because we are all One.



En·light·en·ment (dictionary definition)

1. The act or a means of enlightening.

2. The state of being enlightened.

3. Enlightenment A philosophical movement of the 18th century that

emphasized the use of reason to scrutinize previously accepted doctrines and

traditions and that brought about many humanitarian reforms. Used with the.

4. Buddhism & Hinduism A blessed state in which the individual transcends

desire and suffering and attains Nirvana.

1. To give spiritual or intellectual insight to:

2. To give information to; inform or instruct.




Progressive, innovative and pioneer


Enlightening Media was one of the first who ever published on High sensitivity,

the new energy, twin souls, karma, lyme healings, ancient wisdom, new energy

terminology and highly sensitive children. Now many websites, blogs and

magazines have also published these topics. And that is what journalism means

for us: walking AHEAD of the ‘masses’. Publishing, exposing, spreading, writing

news before it is ‘news’.  Things that will still be news in ten years, things that

‘transform’ people. That’s what ’bringing news’ is and that’s how we see our

‘mission’. The first in The Netherlands to publish that wifi was a war product. We

are proud to be pioneers and to have had such a large readership already. Being

a pioneer first raises fear and anger with people. Afterwards when it is accepted,

it will touch and tranform you. Becoming aware comes with pain and fear.

Touching with Love, wisdom and true knowledge is our ‘goal’. The connection of

the ‘bigger picture’ is put first and foremost.  A transformation INSIDE yourself,

around you and on earth. And that’s what we are in the middle of. And that

transformation should be guided with raising awareness. Holding the lantern for

all those people who are on a dark path. That’s what ‘ Enlightening Media’ is,

what her news service is. The lantern. You yourself are the path.

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Volunteer platform

The volunteers make this happen, and we thank the people, working for Love.


  • Translation text Dutch to English: Willem
  • Website: Koray, Roos and Twan
  • Articles English: Lexie Cathy and Jessica
  • And all the readers, emails with tips and the people sharing the links!
  • You guys are all amazing, thank you!

(Please contact us, if you need a translator. We will bring you in touch with one of our volunteers.)