Super detox Anti-aging programmes

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We have set up a programme to look and feel ten years younger in half a year without any plastic surgery.


We make a whole programme, with you, to re-set DNA * Body * Organs * MIND * Spirit and the way you appear/look on the outside with ten years in half a year.


We make a package, including:

Feel and Look ten years Younger in half a year!

  • Your past Healing
  • Food
  • Lifestyle
  • Relationhips healing/change patterns
  • Karma cleansing and healing
  • New daily patterns to start healing and feel more energized
  • Affirmations/meditations
  • Supplements
  • Ways of relaxation
  • Outer appearence styling (Make-up, cosmetics, clothes) For Male and Fe-Male
  • Help with cleaning inner body and mind (detox body and detox ‘ the brain’ from past damage)
  • Help with cleaning outside the body (clutter, house, life, detox your ‘ life)

After this half year, you  can ue the programme the rest of your life.

Please contact for more information.


We all want to look and feel young, for the rest of our lives.

I give away all my personal secrets on my diet, superfoods, meditations, healings, supplements, lifestyle, make-up, cosmetic tools, DNA- Organ and Skin cleansing. We work on all layers: Mind, body, soul, spirit, Lifetyle, relationships, self-love and A Whole new YOU!