Biography & Expertises



Leda q-day 2013‘ Leda is writer, speaker, journalist, singer, and Coach of the New Energy. She specializes in Add/HSP, twinsoul- and soulmate relationships, Karma cleansing, Regression-therapy, Personalized Meditations, Advisor, New Science, Anti-Aging programmes, sustainability, how to live in a healthy home, heart-activations and healing with new energetic tools. She is entrepeneur to guide towards a new global shift. She is a writer in the New energy: Her articles, writings and movies are activating energy- Giving new perspectives, Higher vibrations, Ancient and New knowledge. She tries to re-connect you with your inner voice- Heart wisdom and your true Unique Essence of Self-Mastery and Self-Love. So called ‘ New Energy;- As she calles her mission. – Spirit Science



Leda is a very powerfull priestess, Diva, Queen, Rebel, Genius,a sweet fairy, the playfull child, and a very old sjaman. You can place her half a year in an Ashram an she will be meditating and is able to live totally alone, with herself. Or she entertains our whole business-team or  a huge audience  on a evening, and gets a whole crowd moving! Only by her appearence, charm, grace, and voice. She is very entertaining to everyone she meets, and in every place she is. Whether it is giving a meditation, yoga or a advice, or in a club or business society. She can deal with young people, old people, rich people, simple or awakened: They are all equal, and she is able to make them all feel comfortable or listen to her advice. That is very unique.

‘In her work and private also very Funny, hilarious, and warm to work with. She feels like your best friend, within seconds, or an old soulmate who just ‘ understand you’, without speaking a word.’- Dylan (Owner of a social media Awakening website & TV producer)

‘Her articles are always far away from ‘ common’, and always refreshing and new. She has her talents and soul as a unique tool. She does not copy, read or see it anywhere else. She is a talent in bringin up new angles, new techniques and new foms of healing. In any way.- (Helene, Producer Commercial Media)’

‘Leda is a perfectionist in her work. It is almost art to read and see her articles. An art in words, energy and pictures. Her healings are in every way powerful , honest, pure, and strong. Her coaching refreshing, fun, deep-down-core digging, and right-on-spot. She is straightforward, loving, caring and a True Professional in all she offers an does. ‘- Cameron (Director & Owner Globa lAwareness Project)

Become your own master, guru, healer and Biggest Love of your Life!

*Self-Mastership* article by Leda de Zwaan



Skills  & Practicy- Besides ‘ just being another human, stuck here right now on this planet’. 🙂

These are my ‘ labels’. 🙂

  • Journalist
  • International Author
  • Writer
  • Singer-Songwriter
  • New Energy Coach
  • New Energy Healer
  • Media & communication (Bachelor degree)
  • Spiritual Teacher
  • Scientific Energy researcher
  • Deep research journalist
  • Advisor & Counseling for institutes I organisations I Goverent I System
  • 5d Health coach
  • 5 lifestyle-designer
  • Trendwatcher in Health- Body- Min-Spirit business
  • Political Shift advisor
  • Energy-management
  • Health and detox coach
  • Advisor & counseling companies & employees
  • Product reviewer
  • Branding


Topics as:

  • Regression
  • Reincarnation
  • Indigo
  • Starseeds
  • HSP/ADD/ADHD children, relationships and parents
  • Soulmates and Self-Love
  • Detox to vitality, youth and a New energy I Life
  • Personilized meditations
  • Spiritual teachings
  • Relationship-coaching
  • Depression/cvs
  • Lyme treatment
  • Electro-hypersensitivity
  • Sustainibility
  • Nutrition
  • Twinsouls- and soulmates
  • Changing your life into happines and JOY
  • From zero to Hero
  • Company coaching to a succesfull, pure, original & Honest product
  • Awakening and energy upifting articles and video’s
  • Trendwatcher in all 5D- Healing possibilities
  • Back to your original blueprint (Who you really are)
  • Sjamanistic healings
  • Inner child/ Childhood healing
  • Trauma healing
  • Past Lives and karma-healing
  • Clearing aura and house
  • Electro magnetic Radiance Awareness
  • Advisor in energy clearing and High vibrational tools
  • Transformation
  • One to one coaching and conversations
  • Human & Universal laws protector
  • Job coaching
  • From mind- to love
  • From ego to soul
  • Clearing the past memories
  • Stand up in your power
  • New Energy shift writer an coaching for individuals and businesses or groups (Many different branches- We are all people with the same needs in the end)





‘In light & Love. We are all One, and we are all masters. We just forgot who we really are. It was always there. I will hold the light, to let you meet Yourself again.’