The biggest factsheet you ever read! ‘ Wifi/4G/5G and cellphones made by Telecom-industry will kill and destroy the complete ecosystem & Humanity within 5 generations

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We’d like to share an email we received from a Team with a leading journalist, with an expertise in radiance, and the effects on any lifeform. The researchers, journalists teamed up with many experts on the globe, an came to the same conclusion: This is the most agressive, money-making business with the biggest harm to any lifeform on this planet we have ever known. And besides these facts, the only business that will create so many sick people in such a short time.  The leading  journalist who has investigated this case for over ten years came eventually to this file- Just right after 4G went on air, together with ‘ hotspots’- Which is not an open wifi network only, but so powerful as a source, it can actually kill people who are weak in a short time. Such as children, people with lyme, people with a pacemaker etc. A HOTSPOT is such a strong signal, and crosses sometimes even ten houses on a row in a average street, and kills plants in the garden. A ‘Hotspot’- Is not even the low power of a normal Wi-fi, but actually burns the skin and fries your brain literally. A ‘ Hotspot’ is opened on a distant by the telecomprovider, and creates a strong microwave for You and everyone living around you, changing your Blood and DNA within seconds! This ‘open letter’ and the ‘ factsheet’ underneath the letter on this page, are based on Not to mention: The number 1 biggest business that still sells their products, with lies, at this very moment! Placing 4G all over the world, knowing it will cause cancer to any lifeform in the area of this weapon. Just knowing what the products do to us, and even cross human and universal rights on many laws. The ‘ administrative staff, the technics who pick up the phone, truly have no idear of what their company sells. It are the head bosses, politicians of the highest levels, who know. ln this factsheet you will also find information how judges, court and politicians who do know this, have acted. Many, already tried to help out, there is nothing that could stop the number 1. Moneymaking industry at this moment.Nothing.  But there is hope! People who took the courage to start lawsuits against the companies, because of their brain tumours, or any other sickness caused by radiation, have succesfully achieved claims with millions per person each. This means, our facts are true. If judges and court, give out millions to a person that clais their cancer is caused by the telecom, means this is True. It also means, that this is A big story, otherwise the amounts of money were not this high. If people all around the globe, claim back their power, stand in their human rights and stand up for their illness caused a companies that make us ill, or products with these kind of dangerous side-effects, need to pay back humanity for this catastrophe. In this file, are also included lawsuits of sick people who won. Any judge can pick up this information, and use the information to help humanity. Anyone can call these people and verify our information. All our words can be checked in the files, by lectures and researches of experts, globally. One of them, is Barrie Trower, a militairy weapon expert. He is wellwilling to attend any TV show, radio, or court, where his story is needed.

No company is allowed to makes us sick, create fear, illnesses or hate.

Ten years of research on the effects of radiation resulted in this file. Radiation produced, placed and sold, by telecom-providers to harm our human body, nature, futuree and the whole eco-system. It deals with an open letter we sent to a telecom provider and other companies facilitating wireless communications. Take your time, because it entails essential information concerning our health and our children’s health. Footnotes are provided, containing information from various sources.


Caring fellow men! Please copy paste this information and reach out to your neighbours, doctors, schools, employers, restaurants, hotels, busses, campings and the like to inform and warn people.

Very shortly for everyone to understand in a few lines…

  • Wifi IS no fun, it is originally developed by the Army, to kill an enemy.
  • Why and how? Wifi is an unseen ‘ pulse’, just like the microwave ‘Oven’  as we know, that can heat up and even let food / drinks ‘ boil’.
  • Wifi is not seen by the eye, but ust reallife microwave radiation radiating through your bdy, brain and cells. Yes. It is.
  • This is why children have adhd in western countries and not anywhere else, where there are No masts
  • This is why people massively get heart atacks, migraines, leukemia and cancer just over the last 3 a 4 years it is massively everywhere humans ‘ fall out’. No one can survive 4g or wifi ‘normally’. We are all humans, with a body with cells and bones and flesh. We live and sleep in a ‘ human microwave’.
  • The telecom knows this for over years, and has even fired employee’s that wanted to speak up, and thousands of lawsuits where people with brain tumors got paid out.
  • They cover up millions of Ill people that already complained
  • They give out NO ‘ danger’  elements, or risks to people
  • People, animals and trees Have to live in radioation. Whether it is a free choice or not. Basically this means in my own words, ust a quick grasp:  ‘ Even if you have cancer because of our masts, or you have pain because of our sold wifi to your neighbour (this means torture) WE do not care if you suffer, get cancer, die, or even that we lie, cheat, and earn billions by cancering people and even influence the whole planet for the future, we atually just want to make money.’- Thank you, I just breathed.- Amen.

An  investigating the humanitarian crisis of radiation;

The motives for this letter:

* The embezzlement of research information by telecom providers and their lies towards the government. The involvement of said providers with the Health Council, which provides erroneous information regarding GSM/Wi-Fi and transmission towers, in spite of being aware of the linked worldwide mortality amongst humans, animals and vegetation.


*Wi-Fi appears to be an instrument of warfare; designed by the military for radiating purposes, leading to cancer. Millions of instruments of warfare are literally being used as household appliances. Never before have there been so many reports of insomnia, panic attacks, strange fevers, diseases and sick children to medical facilities. Our research shows these to be in direct correlation with the instalment of Wi-Fi Hotspots, combined with the 4G signal which is labelled ‘deadly’ in rapports by scientists and doctors. These rapports and medical appeals signed by prominent scientists were swept under the rug by both the Health Council and the minister responsible at the time.

* Editors are being fobbed off by telecom providers with comments like: ‘no information on radiation damaging humans’ and being ‘unaware of such incidents’ while there are thousands of reports of cancer, concerning lawsuits and appeals.

* Radiation standards are contrary to 1. the Constitution and 2. universal human rights.

* The embezzlement by telecom providers of information the government and population are entitled to and the erroneous, misleading information being fed to journalists instead.

* The non-existence of a telecom provider complaints office for reports on their products and services regarding damage and/or health hazards. This, in spite of many reports on Wi-Fi related illness and the resulting clearing out of Wi-Fi routers by big companies and schools. Telecom providers knowlingly keep selling and even promoting dangerous equipment with slogans like ‘feel free with 4G and Wi-Fi’ while for years now many people report Wi-Fi related illnesses. Companies, schools and civilians are being misled in this manner.

*The missing information regarding radiation and Wi-Fi on telecom companies’ websites is bizarre; especially considering the scientific importance of the matter!

*Telecom providers are not removing transmission towers after several complaints of surrounding residents becoming seriously ill; not even after council-orders to take the transmission towers down. Telecom providers are placing themselves above the law in this fashion; and unthinkable thing in a prosperous country. How is it possible that telecom providers have such enormous power nationwide; in politics and the media, that civilians stand powerless while complete streets are being exposed tot deadly radiation?

*Prosperous countries have the highest radiation density in the world; in the Netherlands this is one million times more than is deemed healthy for the human system. The only bodies of verification are the Health Council and ICNRIP, in which the same person is responsible for radiation standards. Who is checking up on these bodies?

Behalve een wereldwijde test is digitale telefonie ook een verdergaande vervreemding van onze natuurlijk menselijk contacten. De digitale oma en opa hebben definitief hun intrede gedaan.

* The media have been too tolerant. Broadcasting stations and newspapers could have reported on the dangers of Wi-Fi radiation to avoid millions of Wi-Fi hotspots being installed worldwide. If its ability to be utilized as a weapon of warfare using microwaves is being announced by the media tomorrow, people can protect themselves and their offspring tomorrow. These nationwide announcements have to be delivered by the media. The Code of journalistic principles demands fair distribution of knowledge and it demands the civil right of being allowed a warning by media when in danger. We are calling out to all journalists and colleagues. Every day living in 4G and Wi-Fi radiation is one too many.


Shocking pictures of our cities and streets!

vastgelegd door nieuwe techniek, die straling kan vastleggen. Dit voelen alle mensen met klachten. Dit is ' bestraling'. Bijgaand een foto van de Franse stad Parijs, waar hotspots geopend zijn in combinatie met 4G.

Shocking picture of Paris! Modern photography can now make pictures of what highly sensitive peaople already saw and felt. These are the pollution of Wifi and 4g!! Think of it, everyone has now a router with wifi in their room, they send out about 60 meters around the router. Think of the pollution in 1 street with 100 houses, or a flatbuilding with 60 appartments. The telecom industry and our governments have placed the world in a ‘ living microwave’ where No one. And this is a fact, No Animal, plant, forrest or human can healthy survive 4g or wifi, everyone and the whole ecosystem gets strange illnesses/or cancer even within a day, some in some weeks, others in a few years. The point of scientists and journalists is: The telecom industry had put down a whole Earth in a highly dangerous state. Millions of people at this moment, are in fact SICK or Dying because of Wifi/ a cellphone or 4g / 3g pollution. This also is defenately the biggest cover-up, ever done by companies to make people sick and sell their products. It also  involves so much money, and it also violates more human Rights then any other product ever did! The worst and sickening thing is, that the Top-people of the providers know it actually kills children by leukemia/ brain tumours already, and they have had Millions of ‘ complaints’  from all over the world by Humans ‘ I feel sick’, ‘ I have cancer’ ‘ I cannot live in my own house anymore because of your mast’, and they do not care at all. Even more worse: Buying off evidence, covering up lawsuits,  paying politicians to sign contracts…. This is one of the biggest, wide-scaled, human ‘ destroy’  products we have ever known.

So read it, and spread this to everyone you see and meet.

It is Important you sharethis Information, on any website, social media, email it to everyone in your list.  We have to help and inform each other, because this is NOt spread to us by normal ‘ media’.

Effects and suffering of radiation

549641_473115669373072_1646628090_nWhat is Wifi?

Another variant on real ‘ microwaves’. A microwave heatens up a cup of milk in 30 seconds with invincible radiation. Wifi is the same, it actaully starts bowling your cells already within a few minutes. Wifi is developed by the american army to invinsible ‘ destroy’ the russian Ambassade by putting a wifi-router in the ambassade they actually made the staff sick/cancered within a few years. This product destroys the human aura field (as seen in the picture left). We all have a natural aura field.

This heals and protect us, and makes us Free and Powerfull. By destrying this aura with a wifi-weapon, the human cannot heal/protect themselves anymore- The intuition is ‘ gone’ (enemies don’t feel ‘ the danger anymore’) Soldiers were in fact, ‘ clueless what to do’, after a mission where wifi was used. By taking away the human aura field, destroying it, Humans are easily made into slaves. And sick humans will buy many products to make themselves better. As wifi gives so many ‘ strange’ illnesses, the pharmaceutic industry must be very happy with it. There is no official link to the pharma. This was just a comment on, that there also never have been so many people to see a doctor, as the year wifi started to be everywhere we go…

Mice, children, plankton and adult humans alike suffer DNA-damage within several minutes being in contact with this type of radiation. Everyone is being cheated by the industry, the government alike. It is up to us journalists not to be tolerant anymore. The papers should have warned us about ‘utilization of Wi-Fi as weapon of war’. ‘Telecom providers asked press statement regarding covering up radiation affair’. ‘Thousands of reports personal injury regarding radiation’. The media cannot be used as a tool of the elite: it should be used as a means of information for all civilians. Society is in danger. Not right now, but in a few years our eco-system will have died off because of radiation.

Enkele bronnen van EMS, elektro-magnetische straling

*Mass hysteria ensues by means of the media when a few people become ill eating a bad salmon and all salmon is removed accordingly. The radiation issue is of a much grander scale; the many official complaints don’t lie, and STILL telecom providers cheat and lie while many people are being housebound, ill and desperate thanks to radiation.

Kinderen zijn ook al risicogroep nummer 1 bij draadloze telefonie.


We are facing a humanitarian disaster, brought about by telecom companies.

An open letter to telecom companies


Dear management,


We are carrying out a national media research, involving all [Dutch] media. After ten years of research by editorial staff, we have sent you all our correspondence including email, telephone and investigations. Thousands of current nationwide alerts to local and regional media constitute the essence of the reporting. Civilians, local authorities and regional councils report of:


* Children becoming ill after the instalment of 4G-transmission towers (and instalment of Wi-Fi hotspots)


*Illnesses after transmission tower instalment surrounding living area/neighbourhood


*people being unable to work or sleep thanks to Wi-Fi and 4G


* People being forced to sue due to personal injury brought about by your telecom company. People receiving letters, complaints and reports, even winning lawsuits; still not resulting in more clarity from your side concerning the possibly lethal damage transmission towers can deal to animals, humans and plants.

Als je autoradio ernstig gestoord wordt, wanneer je onder of langs zo'n GSM-mast rijdt, wat voor invloed denk je dat die masten en de EMS (elektro-magnetische straling) voor effect op ons en het Aardeveld hebben?

* Your website or manuals do not make mention of the severe side effects of Wi-Fi and 4G-towers, which consist of cancer, leukaemia, brain damage, bone cancer, insomnia and a list of dozens of serious physical injuries according to approximately 33.000 global investigations on electro-magnetic radiation.


*After lawsuits regarding severe personal injury Wi-Fi is seriously being restricted in countries where these investigations are common, like a German judge ruled last year. France is banning Wi-Fi from daycare centers after investigations concluded the radiation to be damaging infant brains. The UK and US awarded millions to groups of civilians starting personal damage lawsuits, after suffering from severe forms of cancer by telecom radiation.

Vergelijking van het absorptieniveau van EMS (electro magnetische straling) in schedels van jongeren en volwassenen.

It appears to be the major cause of ADHD in children, leukaemia, brain haemorrhage, hormonal imbalance, DNA damage and also tree-cancer and the extinction of bee populations (scientifically proven) are thanks to Wi-Fi transmission towers. The resulting DNA damage is irreversible. This actually means that Wi-Fi mutates cells and DNA: Teens have proven to become barren in large numbers after wearing a smartphone or sleeping in Wi-Fi radiation. Research has proven that within five generations human beings will become extinct, thanks to telecom providers’ radiation. (For more information, watch the source’s professor speak on Youtube, who explains his research and warns us here)


*It appears telecom providers all over the world have been aware of this information for years now. In Zembla, a former director even admits being aware of the harmful effects of their towers and equipment. This occurred at a time in which 2G was the standard. Radiation towers are hundreds of times stronger now with 4G radiation and are devastating for all life forms.


* The placing of 4G-towers in publicly accessible nature by providers is unconstitutional, on grounds of it being reportedly  ‘lethal for virtually all life forms’. Other reports’ titles include ‘Irreversible Damage for All Mankind’ and ‘Crime Against Humanity.’ Animals, plants and humans have an expiration date thanks to 4G!


*We have read multiple reports of people being severely ill and having to move because of severe complaints due to your radiation. Normally, complaints are registered and listed in the product information to help customers being informed and protected against injuries, not to mention cancer. This means telecom companies have knowledge of these reports and of the fact that they are producing and providing services that are making people mortally ill. Failing to mention the grave dangers in the product information whilst knowing of them in other words means embezzlement in full consciousness.


Multiple violations of the constitution:


*Human beings are entitled to a healthy environment. Now people have to move to bring themselves and their children to safety, as appears from a multitude of official complaints and lawsuits.


*Human beings have a right to fairness of information. Telecom companies withhold information and sells extremely dangerous products under false pretences.


*Some countries honestly inform its citizens regarding cellphones, Wi-Fi and the placement of transmission towers. There is no beating about the bush; European governments are sending a serious signal regarding 4G and Wi-Fi. Telecom companies have told us ‘to be unaware of the matter’.  They cannot be unaware, considering the thousands of reports. What can a spokesperson add to this story?


* Physical problems amongst children, who develop leukaemia en masse because of Wi-Fi, as do pets!


Dear reader, when providers are marketing something that is destroying the entire eco system, basic human rights are being transgressed. What can we do? The UN has submitted a violation of human rights. Globally, politicians are debating the disgrace of the matter. The intentional radiation of people in cities, in their own homes and in public areas causing severe forms of cancer is a criminal act.

Onderzoek dat gesponsord is door de telecom-industrie (hier als rood aangegeven), blijkt relatief váker positieve resultaten te laten zien over de schadelijkheid van mobiele telefonie. Raar hè?

Picture: Scientists paid by telecom say it is ‘ no risk’, and journalist/scientist independent say ‘ it is a high risk’…. How ‘strange’.

They embezzle knowledge of complaints and don’t include them in user instructions; they shield lawsuits from the media and ignore millions of sick people completely. They keep selling 4G (which consumers haven’t asked for) and are pushing Wi-Fi spots despite severe warnings from abroad. Real stories, from the official complains and reports from deceased persons:


The effects of radiation:


Existing research shows the following on pulsed radiation:


*DNA damage

*Disruption cell communication

*Impact on central nervous system

*Weakening of the human immune system

*Harmful effects on the hormonal system

*Decreased melatonin production

*Increased risk of cancer

*Increased risk of infertility and harmful effects on the course of the pregnancy

*Violation of the integrity of the blood-brain barrier

*EEG changes during sleep

The following health risks are linked to pulsed radiation:

*Problems concerning the nervous system: headache, sleeping disorder, poor concentration, exhaustion, fatigue, depression and irritation


*Bone cancer

*Feeling of increased pressure inside the head

*Tingling sensation of the skin (caused by radiation bouncing off the skin)

*Sudden panic attacks

*Inexplicable restlessness

*Brain cancer, testicular cancer or cervical cancer (infertility in teens has been estimated to affect 50% of them; the amount of youngsters who will never have children due to the devastating effect of radiation on sperm)

*The development of cancer in flora and fauna alike, since the introduction of 4G and Wi-Fi

*The mass extinction of bees thanks to Wi-Fi means the lacking pollination will leave us without food

*Bulging veins in hands

*Coronary hearth disease and heart failure

*Chronic fatigue syndrome (being prone to addiction due to disturbed sleep and panic)

*Dental erosion (Wi-Fi leaches calcium from the body, leaving teeth brittle)

*Reduced capacity to learn

*Disturbed sleep and difficulties falling asleep

*Behaviour problems in children: hyperactivity, aggression, learning disabilities, growth disturbances and developmental issues

*Arrhythmia and high blood pressure

*Tinnitus and dizziness

*Eye irritation and vision problems

*Changes in the composition of the blood, especially in children: the maturation of red blood cells is disturbed so they don’t transport oxygen properly. This leads to symptoms that mimic anaemia.

*Decreased blood flow

*Danger of thrombosis due to the adhesion of red blood corpuscles in the smaller vessels

*Aggravation of already apparent diseases

*Increased incidence of cancer, especially brain cancer (see source)

There is official war documentation on the development of Wi-Fi and its uses by the military to cause cancer in embassy officials. This information is confirmed by experts who worked with this method and by employees of the telecom industry. There can be no doubt of its dangers. Wi-Fi, a means of causing cancer, is being sold as a product to customers like you and me. Can we get a response, please? We have spoken on the phone and letters have been sent without any response. This entails information that is easily accessible and it can’t be disproven or refuted.


“It would be a mistake to ignore the ever increasing evidence; it shows us the connection between the usage of mobile phones and health risks. Especially involving the vulnerability of children in this case…!”
Kevin O’Neill, neurosurgeon


President ‘Brain Tumour Research Campaign’

Telecom companies are aware of Wi-Fi being microwaves, and the ensuing violation of constitution this entails. Furthermore, it is known that many people suffered personal injuries like cancer, leukaemia and brain tumours as a result of mobile phone usage, Wi-Fi and transmission towers. Where is your press statement? Will you incorporate a solemn warning in your user instructions? Why do you systematically deny the obvious evidence of 33.000 studies and the serious signal of the European Council and European countries?


*Why is it impossible for sick people and dying people to submit an internal complaints procedure with telecom companies?

Why have you not taken action to warn the population via the media, since we have been subjected to three million weapons of war by telecom companies? The European Council even filed a complaint, calling it a ‘crime against mankind.’

We want to thank you in advance for your response.’

‘ By the leading editorial Team researching this case’.


A few sources used for the research that resulted to this letter:

Prove after prove after prove. There is no why anyone can deny it anymore after reading and watching all these video’s and documents.

Basic human rights trampled upon by a telecom provider:

This website has received many reports of personal damages!


What is this all about?

Our human rights

Humanity deserves taking back her basic human rights. Companies sell products that mislead people and that make them ill, all in the name of making money. These companies are called ‘corporate criminals.’ This should not be normal. It is not normal practice being cornered, poisoned, irradiated, being enslaved and mislead by the conscious selling of products that make us ill.


Name it: oil drilling, polluting the air (which is public domain) by chemtrails. Putting aspartame in our food, rat poison, acetone in cigarettes, fluoride in our water, paying the media to take away our rights to honest information, prohibiting the government to give us our rights back, monitoring our monetary system: these are all crimes against the International Human Rights. Every judge of the new age will act according to these rights.

Earth is ours and our rights are being superseded by corporations. This is the essence of virtually all suffering at this moment. Companies selling weapons of war. The selling of gasoline which pollutes the earth. Monsanto thinking it can manipulate our food and trying tot patent vegetables, trying to buy mother earth. These are unmistakably crimes against humanity. We are calling out to all fellow men, to take into account the International Human Rights in your actions, starting today, whatever your disposition. You are needed. Whether you work in a corporation in the judicial system or politics. We are all connected as one, one being. You are part of all that lives. These crimes must come to an end and we are all present to uproot the system and build a system that works on the long term, for all and everybody.

Re-member that we are all one!
-We are One

Written by our editorial.

Sources and additional material:

* Look at the professor’s film; he admits the crime against humanity. The reason for teenagers’ infertility nowadays is the exposure to radiation by smartphone and Wi-fi/4G. Due to the radiation semen and ova are being mutated. The professor explains humanity will be wiped out within five generations if nothing is done.

{youtube BH3gJctqKk4[

* Scientific proof of how radiation alters our blood and DNA

* This is an astonishing film about a telecom employee who was fed up with his employer (telecom industry) and who became ill due to a transmission tower in his street. He ran over the transmission tower in a tank, when it was apparent it would not be removed. He explains the dangers of the transmission towers and tells us why this information is being withheld from us.

embedded by Embedded Video

YouTube Direkt

* This professor currently has 800 researches (evidence) and 45 publications about this case: Here

*More scientific evidence: This man tells us how dangerous the situations actually is. Also, he tells us what is about to happen to humankind and the environment when nothing is being done about it soon. This corresponds with further research and witnesses.

* The succes story of the nurse who won her case with a personal damages claim. ‘Being exposed to dangerous amounts of radiation.’ Because she had her facts straight, she has won.


More research into the facts of the matter:

Humanitarian crisis 

  • Intense German documentary:
  • Petition against the usage of WiFi in schools. How can it be that more and more WiFi-hotspots are being used when there are so many reports of the exceeding of human rights?
  • Acknowledged bij experts and scientists: WiFi is a microwave weapon. This information is publicly accessible on the internet, so even to our government. The minister who sent a letter to ‘ask providers what is what’ could have found multiple studies and confessions on the internet.
  • A recent investigation concerning ‘the invisible weapons’ of the telecom industry. Again, very strange how this is happening and mankind has to live under these circumstances without knowingly choosing to do so. This exceeds the constitutional right to a free life, to healthy living conditions, to a life without torture and poisoning and the right to truthful information.
  • A research into the ‘smartmeters’ that they want to install into every household. Again, personal living conditions are being trespassed by the instalment of dangerous technology being lobbied by an industry, at the cost of our quality of life.


World health organization

WHO communication on the matter:

Weapons of war of a worse kind

The story of the usage of WiFi by the army to incinerate humans in a few seconds is just a small part of a bigger story:


WiFi-straling in huis, zichtbar gemaakt met dezelfde techniek, die je bovenaan dit artikel ziet, bij het buitenbeeld van Parijs. Het lijken leuke 'slingers', maar feitelijk hebben we het hier over een uiterst schadelijke straling.

A picture of 1 Wifi-signal in a hall…. This is beaming thrugh your body and instantely killing cells and transmuting your DNA…


Further sources:

Petition and SOURCE second document. Signing is very important!

A big document with many facts, proof  and more information:

This document followed the same guidelines, but is more technical and structured:


Source with more technical facts and information (in dutchP:



Editorial and research: Nieuwsverlichting. Independent Press Agency.

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