Celebrity Coaching

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Individual Celebrity Coaching


Coaching, everywhere when you need it, all around the globe!

Even when you are working international, and from your hotel-room.

We have been coaching celebrities all around the world. From politicians, to writers, to spiritual teachers, to singers, to producers, to scientists. Just ‘ anyone’  being in the spotlights.

Subjects for coaching, can be:

  • Dealing with the ‘ fame’
  • Dealing with critisism
  • Dealing with the lonelyness behind ‘ the stage’
  • Dealing with media behaviour
  • Dealing with depressions, burn-out, or illness while ‘ being in the public eye’
  • How to set personal borders
  • How to deal with public opinions
  • How to stay true to yourself
  • How to remain calm in hectic periods
  • How to ‘ deal’ with being an ‘ example’
  • How to use your fame for global awareness (and what your mission is)
  • How to deal with personal losses
  • How to deal with the downside of fame and money (how it is to loose it, how it is, to gain a lot!- Works both ways!)
  • How to ‘ spread’ awareness, or truth, and remain ‘ true’
  • How to handle companies and heavy contracts
  • Living in and with ‘ big ego’s’
  • How to handle your position, with care and truth
  • How to stay centered and focused
  • How to run your personal life, with ‘ care’

You are human

We treat everyone equal. Because status and fame, does not change you as a human. We do know exactely what the great responsibility it is, to be ‘ famous’, or live in ‘ the public eye’. This is a totally different ‘ life-coaching’, and needs to be done, by someone who knows the world inside out. We have worked in front of the camera, and behind the camera. And have been speaking, and helping international and national celebrities. In all kinds of different work area’s. We all have one thing in common: We are all human, and living our life in front of the public eye. We all have a mission, we all have our emotions, we all have stress, and we all need a outlet to talk to. You are human to!

  • We know ‘the world’
  • We know how companies are pulling ‘ the strings’
  • We know the pressure
  • We know how the media works
  • We know how the position of ‘ fame’  is like
  • We have helped celebrities in all work area’s, and can coach you with experience!
  • We can help you, how to use your position for global awareness
  • We know how lonely this can be
  • Find your mission, and how to use this
  • Remain calm in the ‘ rumours’
  • How to deal with personal struggles, stress, disease and losses, when the ‘ media and the public’ watches you?
  • How to be part of a Global Shift?
  • How to deal with great responsibility?
  • How to remain in your own centre? In your own energy?


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Languages spoken: English and Dutch.