What most nowadays Spiritual Teachers dont understand

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What many nowadays so called spiritual teachers dont understand: I read many posts of so called spiritual teachers. Jeff foster is always talking about how to deal with pain. Or depression. Eckhart tolle i follow. I can tell you that when a client comes with depression or suicidal thoughts, pains in the heart etc. I do in one session heart clearence and the pain is away. Depression? I see entities, demons and black clouds around the persoon. I heal it and the depression is away. Cant sleep? Entities removal and protection and people sleep again. Feel like your in your head All the time then we have to ground you. Is money and finances in your life not flowing? We can see the blockages and remove them. Feeling sick or tired? It can be you carry family karma! We are moving Toba vice dvearth, i dont hear any of those teachers about it We feel massively awakening which brings Ascension symptoms. You must know what they are ( is on this site) All those teachers dont talk about the aura, past lives of healing energergetically.