36 New insights

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These are 36 lessons of life that I choose to reflect upon:

  1. Appreciate the little things
  2. Wake up early when you can
  3. Challenges make you stronger
  4. Success is not linear
  5. Measure moments by presence
  6. Trust in the bigger story
  7. Become your own hero
  8. As you think – you become
  9. Be patient with people
  10. Boundaries are an act of self love
  11. Make play a priority
  12. Tell your parents you love them
  13. Your breath will guide you through anything
  14. Remember that life is magical
  15. Never stop being creative
  16. Eat with intention
  17. Love is a state of being you embody
  18. Listen to your intuition
  19. Believe in people’s potential
  20. Kindness is contagious
  21. Lead with love
  22. Strength is being flexible
  23. Be kind to yourself
  24. Watch as many sun rises and sunsets as you can
  25. Never let someone else’s kindness go unnoticed
  26. Hug more trees
  27. Dance the dream awake
  28. You are the ocean in a drop
  29. Remember to remember
  30. Speak your truth
  31. Ripples create waves
  32. Be a beacon for others
  33. Free Hugs forever
  34. Believe in yourself
  35. We grow older to learn how to live young
  36. Stand for tomorrow today

Thank you everyone for your kindness. I know this past year has been quite different then the previous 15 in which I was quite active online and creating content. But my heart has never stopped wanting to continue onwards. With my calling, my mission – where I am now is still equally a part of it. I remind myself that I’m exactly where I need to be in order to get to where I am going. And the most important thing I can do is be present with these moments. As a father, a friend, a lover, a son, and a leader.

In the past I officially made July 18, my birthday, World Free Hugs day. And as far as I’m concerned it still is! So all I ask is what I always have asked- the greatest gift we can all share is to shine the light of our authentic self. And so…keep doing that. That’s what I want! For you to be you. Because together- that is when our ripples make waves.

My kindness is your kindness.
Our love is the love. Always…