A Message for Men

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I get a lot of random messages on here from strange men asking what turns me on.
So, I thought I might just put it out there because I think I speak for a lot of women on this and I’m here to help.
Do you want to know what turns me on? What makes me burn for you?
What makes us breathless? What awakens every passionate instinct and unwraps every layer of fiery feminine sensuality?
Go to freaking therapy.
Do your inner work.
Heal yourself.
Lead yourself.
Be brave enough to get uncomfortable for the sake of wholeness and depth.
Be willing to build your emotional muscle so your arms are strong enough to hold the fire of an awakened woman.
Be open enough to lean into a level of depth you’ve never experienced.
Be humble enough to admit that you don’t know everything.
Go deep.
Get real.
Stop hiding behind surface-level sex.
Confront what you need to confront so you can move forward without the shadow of your past.
Stop thinking that vulnerability is weakness. It takes a GIANT of a wild man to get vulnerable and it’s HOT.
Stop running from magic when it’s exactly what you need.
Stop telling yourself she’s too much when the reality is you’re just afraid to be enough.
Lead yourself so you can lead ME.
Believe that you can handle it. Act accordingly.
Be the safe space. The strong ground. The calm for her storm.
Do this and you’ll find your Goddess. Do this and you’ll be taken to a place of wholeness and ecstasy you didn’t know existed and likely wouldn’t have found on your own.
Do this… and you’ll be home.~

P.S. Sisters -do the same or stop com