About drug addiction – A poem for those struggling

About drug addiction (Please share for all friends struggling)

Friend, I know you are in pain.
I know life has been hard to you.
I know you feel you need to mask the true soul you are.
I know you have been hurt
I hold the little child in you, in my arms, so it can be safe and loved.

I Love you.

It is easy to come home, and take another pill. To drink another glass of alcohol or to smoke another joint, just to survive.
It is easy to live with hate, or in angreness.
It is easy to not pick up the phone. It is easy to stay alone, with some addictions that will never help your heart to become what it already is:

The addictions are there to mask who you really are. The addictions are there to survive, because you live the life, not meanted to be for your soul.
You are alone, because you are afraid to love.

I will not harm you, I will not hurt you. I will send your heart love. I will shine light, so you can find me.
You are a shining, strong soul. And you are able to love and to care, so bright.

You are not your hate, you are not your anger. You are not the friend of addictions. I see behind the curtain. It only took me a minute to see through the walls. Now only you need to see yourself. Only you can step into the moment you forgive the world- And yourself. Forgive the world.

Step into the field of love, you are. You are now, tomorrow and the day after. Release the toxic waste that has had a hold on you for so long.

Remember who you are my friend. Pick your stuff and leave, to the life meanted for you. The life with your soul. The life with a loving heart. It is not the easy way. it takes a knight, who concurrs all his demons and dragons, before he is ‘ free’ and able to acces ‘ the castle of love’. You are the fighting knight. You will set yourself free by loving yourself truly. Not by demping who you are, to live along with the masks you created to survive. You will find the gate to cross soon. I know, because I see you.

I will remember you who you really are, time and time again.







Written by Leda, enlighteningmedia.com