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Leda De Zwaan
Why miss out on unraveling your dormant powers to rise above any challenge & manifest your ideal life?
Discover how to activate your DNA in a new way that’s:
1. easy
2. practical
3. Doesn’t require constant … difficult … & disciplined visualization
4. is not some $9,000 technology run by an AI that’s scary to trust
5. doesn’t involve the usual $3,000 long & involved course
… and you can finally use something that actually BUILDS on past activations … to a life-changing extent at last.
In a session I activate your high potential spiritual DNA. I cmpletely heal your aura field, your body I send it energy and codes. Withan activated DNA you become stronger, intuitiver, claircoyancy, the 5D levels are opening up and I put you in your power. These are very strong healings and take 1,5 hours of your time. You can lie down in your bed at home or on the sofa, and I heal and guide you for this time.
In sessions that can be done world wide, I give and scan your aura on blockages and holes, and weak placed. I repair the aura and chakra-field. And give protections for the future and learn you tricks how to heal yourself. I activate you DNA, and it will be a life changing experience. You can contact me, by clicking on ‘contact’.
Leda De Zwaan