Enlightening Media & Coaching services

The services we offer for you, to start an Enlightening Journey:


  • Articles for your magazine, website or book
  • News items for TV
  • Reviews on meditations, cd’s, energetic tools books and movies in our category sections
  • Human Rights spreading in our articles
  • Energy management
  • Deep down journalistic research cases


  • Healings on long distant through phone
  • Coaching worldwide
  • Business Coaching
  • People in the spotlight coaching
  • Many coaching possibilities as seen under the tab ‘Enlightening Coaching’
  • Regressiontherapy
  • And much more

Our statement in this world, and how we work is seen under the tab ‘Enlightening Media’.

  • Our biografie, mission, lifework,and personal story is under the tab ‘Enlightening Media’.

We are also already for thirteen years, one of the biggest spiritual platforms with 600 Free online articles, and hundreds of online Youtube lectures.

Welcome at Enlightening Media, for contact, click on the button of the buddha up on the website.

The Enlightening Media Team