Find love in the middle of Darkness- The battle between light and dark in the world is outside and inside us.


It is a choice. And it takes love to see the balance.

How and why?

WRITTEN by Leda de Zwaan

Clean up your life today, because life is meant to live in Peace, happiness and your own way.
But what is ‘ our way’ when we never had a great example, untill now?
Most depressions start with idiots in your life- And will end when you can face them without fear, pick up the mirror and lesson, and thank them in power. These type of persons/energies will never change by your light, because they choose for the dark, and to live In the dark. It is not meant in their karma or meant to change this in time. This takes lilfetimes, maybe it never will. It is THEIR path, not yours.


Lowering your energy is Never good. These ‘ drainers’ lower your energy. This is ying/yang. Dark and light. But it is Not a balance when someone sucks out our life-force. It also is not highering us up, when we watch fake news on TV, eat pills or food that poisens us, or to talk more then once with an idiot that only want to spread hate and illusions. 🙂
They put nasty symbols in movies to brainwash us, they make mony to enslave us- and produce wifi-signals/chemtrails etc. to probably kill us. It is there. They do want this- They do it for ages. not only in the government, but also on your work, or on school, or even maybe your parents. It is just there.
When you leave the scene; You see Guru’s-Children-Nature- Teachers- Lovers- Care- Respect in other beings along your path, and you higher each other vibration by bonding and complementing each others healing words, beauty or acts of kindness.


A Zombie/ a living human without a soul or heart/Empath feeling-Is an empty body, with an empty soul- That has no life inside of them. Millions of people are empty, without a soul- Thank you for the slave-system, the media, the banks and the governments to produce zombies and hate/fear and a slave-system. To keep away ancient knowledge, self-healing, free will, and the truth of our origine. To diconnect us from the source. (And this is all one to all)
The lightworker Can NOT heal themelves or stand in light, if you never have seen/felt and fight the darkness. You must be ready to face demons, vampires, and zombies (living in hate). Try NOT to understand them. Try not to encounter them in the War-zone- Do not think you will heal them. Thre is nothing in them that wants to be healed….
From this perspective, you can let demons be demons, idiots be idiots, and zombie be zombies. try to team up with light workers, try to find soulmates. not to be in a war- But to bundle up love. Not to be against another team. Ying is Yang. Dark is dark, light is light.
You do not need to find lightworkers and soulmates to be at war against the elite (in which is light too), of your personal enemy. You only need to know that surrounding yourself by higher vibrational beings, light, and love- You can Never be hurt- by the dark after this. They simply do not resonate with you anymore, because there i nothing to give them energy, food or aliveness.

This is your choice after battling the shadow-sides inside of you, and outside of you.
This LOWERS your energy. Do not think FOR them. Do not try to unchain the riddle. This is waisting and draining energy. Do not waste a minute of your energy. Not a day. See the ‘ dark’, do not fear, stand up, and walk your path of light again Do not feed it… Do not fear it. It just was there, and a minute later it is gone, because you do not give them permission to enter your heart-soul or energy. – Do NOT give permission. Do not give private details, information, or show them your fear and tears. This gives them entrance to your soul.
Only give permission to show who you are (your heart) to someone, that sees your True Essence. Your soul. ONLY trust the people, when you feel safe on all levels. There are a few that also live in Truth, and the heart. Those are your soulmates for life.
You do not need masks, false words or money, ego and succes. Those see You and see how special you are. without any reason, promise or contract.


Say: ‘Thank you’ for showing me the darkest of dark- The shadows- ‘I can make a choice in Free will: I can choose for light. I can let someone else choose for dark and to live in their perspective and vibration. It is just NOT my path to hold on- my soul cries tears of despair, I choose for my angel wings. I can fly. I am the Fenix that arises from the Ash. I am the Godess that has slept thousand years. I am the hero in my own movie, that no one ever knew was writen. Untill Today.

So clean them up! Not by killing of fighting. No, by standing in truth, realness, awareness, well-informed and in the Purest of light. Most light enters on the moments where you think you can die or no longer see any light at the end of the tunnel.
And give yourself permission to attract soulmates, where there is no fear possible. Only trust. Because your heart is my heart. A real heart
It takes crying, depressions, feeling like dying, wanting to end this life, maybe living a nightmare. These are lessons.

SUICIDE, EMPTINESS, DEPRESSION, UNGROUNDED : A wake up call for living your life purpose. To make ‘ that change’. the end of a cycle.

Your soul does not want to ‘ die’. Your life is not a nightmare.
This is your souls cry for ‘ LIVE YOUR LIFE- and End all Situations with idiots, despair, pain, illness and pain- become Love and Love yourself enough to end the war today, because this is not life. It is dying. It feels like suicide to live any day with enemies that claim your soul and light. The soul feels death. It is. You need to feel life and vibrant and fullfillment.

See/hear the story or even ‘ CRY for help’, from within your soul. Say ‘ thank you’, and ask your guides, friends or your soul how to end this misery to Self-Love. This is by ending all the crap and Life- Your Soul’ & Life purpose. You need to end all negative and draining cords. This is the day, you feel awake alive, loved and say ‘YES’ to live again.

You can change darkness into light in one moment one day, one answer. Believe in the power of your soul. He/she knows why it feels like it feels. Pick up your Self-Mastership today, and cut cords with all shadows. Embrace them, or leave them. This is the day of independence. Independence day. Glory. Freedom. Free will.


We are with millions of brothers and sisters, dear Friend. It is the first time ever on this planet we MAKE the shift into light with millions or humans fighting- for Truth LOVE and Freedom. You are not alone.
We do this together, today and tomorrow. This has never be Done on this planet, with so many people awake- aware and in their HEART. Make a choice to connect with all lightwarriors, thre are million in action right now. Make a choice to leave the shadows, but to never ignore them anymore.

Millions of Free souls in their heart chakra means a Global awakening shift that already is DONE. Now we need to shift and Become Light. We are Gods and Godesses. Millions of vibrant people tomorrow mean, a lightened world. It is there. light makes dark fade away without doing anything. It damps- It dissolves, it dies.
Look around you. Feel. See. Pick up your sword. Pick up your heart. Pick up your soul. And stand up.
You were not defeated. You just were challenged to see if you are a True lightwarrior, that can handle the darkness.
You can.

You can do this. I believe in you. You are stronger then you ‘think’.- You are a Masterpiece.

I make a choice, I am free Today.

Please share the message to all brothers & sisters worldwide.

By Leda de Zwaan, 10-03-2017
Teacher I Author I Writer I New energy Coach I Universal human rights defender I A Cosmic Human Traveller
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