Healing the inner Godess- How to find her back after all these lives

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The Inner Godess

She was with females and woman for a long time. Untill chruch decided that Maria Magdalena, who pas a high priestess and teached Jezus a lot of things, was made a whore. They also decided that females with a Godess, needed to get burnt for witchcraft. They took away the Inner Godess for thousands of females, and I get them in my practacy, longing for her, and wanting her back. What I offer is a session where I find her for you, get her back in your soul and body.

What will happen? You will be stronger, more confident, better in standing up, setting bounderies, speaking up, be a better partner for friends and your lover, even at work they will notice it.

You can send me a request for a session, where we heal the past lives, and get her back, by hitting ‘contact


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