How to Become a Powerful God or Goddess – Step into the Power

Become a God or Godess- A Queen deserves a King

Know who you are, and know what you deserve

Become a God or Goddess

Leda gives sessions, writes articles and gives coaching in How to become A true Male God or female Godess, like in Ancient Times we truly were, and are forgotten now. It is there!

Society, partners, school, parents and old religions have made the world in the past thousands of years believe that we are not Gods and Godesses anymore. They have taught us, we are slaves or have weakened us by not telling us who we truly are, or what the real wisdom is of our true nature.

We have been taught on school and parents how to forget our inner voice, inner guide, inner power and Self-Respect. By not seeing us as Gods and Godesses, our world has now many facets that weaken us out, and each other.

It is time we leave the information from the past, and all the negative words and energy that took us out of balance. When a man steps into his male God- Energy, and a female in her Godess energy, they also carry this out to everyone they meet or talk with. Everyone should go back to this power, and we can strenghten relationships, missions, work, music, and even nations.

This is why I teach young girls self-respect for their body and for they sexual behaviour. I teach woman and man in private area, but also in their mission and daily life How to step Into this powerfull Light inside you.

You are a God- You just forgot. It is there, here and now. We just only must push the buttons.

It changes everything in your life! From morning till evening, from how you live the future, and how everything in your life will make a shift when You make the inside shift!

Godess Energy examples from Leda after doing Godess energy trainings she develops and meditations or sessions. just check the appearence and energy. it is not about Ego, or to feel better then someon else. It is the energy of Self-Love, Ancient Wisdom and Self-mastership. And this is who You truly are, and I. We all can remember our ancient power.

Love from Leda


Godess-inspiration. Pictures taken after Godess-sessions I developed:

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Article written by Leda, on being in relationship and act Like a Queen or King (without ego- but being in self-love)

A God and Godess together in relationship

A Queen deserves a King- Do not ever settle for less

 A God, holding a Godess.

It takes self-respect and selflove to feel and communicate ‘limits’. Personal bounderies. It takes even more guts to communicate this to someone you ‘ like/love/are in love with’. It takes  self-love first to feel you are A King or a Queen- And it takes a King to stand next to me. Because I am a Queen.

I see many attractive, goodlooking girls Doing all their best to get ‘ attention’. That is great. Sometimes I get a little insecure too. Nice picture profile, sexy, it takes just a weak man , maybe with some drugs and alcohol in a discotheque to ‘ do these girls’. The are open for it, they are all over the internet. Also females are easy to get a handsome, maybe even rich goodlooking man for a night in their bed. It is a piece of cake actually.

It takes a King, who is strong enough to choose you. And in first place, for himself. Friend, you can ‘ like’ other woman, you can look at them. They are all over the place.But none of them is like me.

This Queen wants a King next to her. I do not settle for less. Because I know who I am, and what I am able to give and share on every level. It takes more then a great body (which I have in fact a great mind, soul, heart. Even all of that will not give this to you: The King who is meant for you, will open His heart for you. That is soul-communication- Heartcommunication.

You are free to go

Lie, cheat, sex, ‘like’, dance with other woman. Flirt with them, date with them. A Queen will throw them out the house with their suitcase. My limit has always been very clear: If you lie, cheat, or touch another woman I never want to have you near me again’. Goodluck , enjoy the other woman.- It just means you are not the King I was looking for. It takes a queen to be with your entire life. It takes a god to be near a godess. A drunk night with some drugs, or a cheap sex-adventure does not compete with sharing your life with a great woman. The choice, and strength is up to the ‘ man’. And this is what makes him the King. His choice to be with you, and to stick around. Being on the same page  The same level of understanding. Some exes told me even after 10 years ‘it is over’, they still regret the seperation and their behaviour. That I was the best woman they ever had. I told them in the moment ‘ after ten years you have screwed all other woman and come to the conclusion no one was like me’. They did. Never ever let anyone allow to step over your limits. Know you deserve the best you can get, true loyalty and do not ever go BELOW this standard. And if they do. The door is about 2 meters from here, please close it.

Do not ever regret this- The right person was meant to stay

Because only the King or Queen, who is meant for you, will act like this naturally. Freedom is an individual right. And being with you has to come in natural freedom. Loyalty should be natural also. If not, please go away. Living together in freedom should be natural, from within the heart. Even if your ego is scared, you will try to master the fear to be with her…..Know that the EGO will first be a monster when true love shows in your life. You will get sick, mean, awfull, narsistic, egodriven, sad, hatefull…. The ego will go crazy if a real lover comes near you…. You have to beat the dragon. You have to beat the monster. How? By loving her. By seeing her. By ringing her doorbell. By beating the m*thef*cker to go and see her, even how scared you are and even how much the ego is making you hatefull and sick. The ego goes ‘ insane’ when the love of your life shows up. This is the first reaction when they see light. Like dracula sees the light: He will ‘ weep’, he will ‘ melt’. Light will scare the shit out of the ego. Love is light. True love is light. The ego lives and grows on addictions, hate, and girls/boys who will never stay. It will be in ‘ rest’ with all things that are not ‘ true love’. It suits for the unreal job, the unreal house, the addictions, hate, and the girls previous in your life that were not to stay. It goes insane in your mind, tries to make you hatefull, let you use addictions, tries to back her off: First insanity is previous to real love. You can beat the monster by stepping back into love and just grab your entire guts together and GO see her/him. This is how you will be your own King/Queen. Crossing the limits of ego, is by stepping into love. That is when you are together, or send her/him light. Everytime ego tries to take over.

Feel, know, show you are a Queen. In fact, a true King knows it. You do not need to tell him. He just knows.