Meet your Unicorn and Personal Dragon in a Healing session

Meeting you UnicornIn order to meet your unicorn you need to attract it to you. Everything in creation is subject to the Laws of Attraction. If you wish to draw wealth to you, you must absorb yourself in prosperous thoughts and if you want lots of friends, you must radiate warmth, friendship and generosity. If you want to be happy you must do things that make you feel joyful. So if you really want to meet your unicorn you must think about them, imagine them, talk of them and immerse yourself in unicorn energies. These are innocence, purity, happiness, love and other beautiful qualities. The most important of all is a desire to serve.

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In a session we can find and see your personal dragon, and I coach and heal you by teaching how to use this beautiful energy for healings- Leda De ZwaanAir dragons are blue, the colour of the sky on a glorious clear summer’s day and they bring inspiration, hope and lightness. When an air dragon approaches you, it raises your spirits in the same way as when you go for a walk in nature on a windy day. This is partly because they blow the cobwebs out of your mind. These are the old, clogged, stuck thought patterns and ideas that humans tend to hold onto. Without us realizing it, they clutter up our brains with grey etheric stuff. So, the beautiful air dragons waft away the old, unhelpful matter and then blow in new and better thought patterns. When they do so they bring hope and inspire fresh ideas. They stir wonderful creativity and higher visions. Often, when we are out in the wind, we think that we have let our own ideas emerge. In fact, we have created the opportunity for the air dragons or the angels to drop new concepts into our mind. Because they can raise your consciousness, the air dragons enable you to see your life, your patterns and situations from a higher perspective. If you are feeling unjustly treated, bored or depressed, they can help you to rise above your earthly considerations. They can inspire you to take life lightly. Air dragons can blow a vortex of cleansing energy through your home, your office, public places and situations if you ask them to, and replace the light there with a higher frequency. You may even feel the air moving. There will be a shift in energy.

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We can do both in one healing session. I teach you how to invite them, feel them, energize you and they will never leave you after you have met them, and learn from me how to work with them.

Leda de Zwaan