My Ascension symptoms 2022

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By Leda de Zwaan.

I am in a deep healing progress these months. I can only tell what I feel and maybe You recognize me in you. I felt my root chakra burning as hell, on my lower back i had many pains. But in a week that pain got away, It was kundalini energy trying to get free, and was bursting in my back. We are going from a 2 strength dna, to a twelve. Also my heart was crying out old emotions from this life, and other life. I remember and see my old lives, and this life I am in the same mission as other lives, but now I dont get killed because I am a Healer. My feet start burning for weeks, and all kind of energeies went through it, I was grounding to mother earth as hell, I feel my boy more then ever, and i feel different kind of colours and energes coming in my crown chakra. Sometimes i slept long, and still was tired, other days, die to the solar flames we were in, i slept less and had a lot of energy. Every night a different dream, sometimes nightmares about the past, sometimes about the future. have many encounters with my guides and alien beings who are beautiful. My soulfamily. Sometimes I felt empty and lost, then I just rest and sleep. Now I get many intuitive messages about my mission and work.. My third eye was tingling for weeks, and I am more clairvoyant then ever. I gibe borders to people who tried to overrule me, and my heart is open for new people and experiences of love.

Yours, Leda De Zwaan.

Journalist, healer, coach and writer. If you experience this we van boom a session. Click on contact to reach me.