Message for 2018: Enlightening and Falling Away from Untruths- Your Life becomes broken And healed-

New Energy Message By Leda de Zwaan

– 2018

There are periods in life you find friends- With some you only gossip- shop- drink- dance- flirt to find guys/girls in your student time- With some you only have deep conversations- Or some you only find to share pain. A lot of those life-experience periods- are worth a lot. Just do not believe they ‘ belong to you’ or ‘ are always there for you’. It is an illusion. Some are there to travel short- Or only in a period of time- Superficial- for sex- friendship or to learn from. Untill there is a moment in Your life You shift in energy/believe or get awakened or tranparant: Your masks fall off, You start seeking for truth, Yourself, and start to change. This is the moment- Family, old friends, and even those who you meet daily- Run away- Even try to make you feel like you are crazy or need psychologisch help ūüôā They will not ever call you back, They will not stay when you cry, have a broken heart, or when your parents die. Why?

From soul to soul

Real friendship (and relation) are from soul to soul- Not from ego to ego. When one does find her/his path of the soul and get stronger to their essence and truth- People (99%) who live in labels, masks, untruths, sheep-behaviour and out of their heart chakra- Will resent you. This is NOT your fault! In all history people want to reject, even kill people with a true , honest soul. Everything that is ‘ new or different’, or are ‘ messages from the heart’- Will resent the human ego that does not want to heal, find love, or loose the masks.



Lessons: Ego will kill/attack/gossip and suck you out, when you start your mission on truth and soulsearching. Let this go!!!! Know, this is part of the freaking long tiring, but beautiful process. When you find people reject you, without any reason: Know that You are AMAZINGLY doing well in fact!!!
If you do truly nothing but follow your dreams, dance, sing, write, shine, and nothing else- And people tend to bring you down- You are just so bright- They cannot handle it. Don’t cry about it- Do not feel depressed, Because of this. See it as a sign to move on.- You will attract soulmates just Like You in the future!! When you do- Keep them- and water these friendhips- Like flowers need water to grow. Heal each other and Give each other a lot of love












The more you shine, the more you glitter, the more honest, transparant and True you are- The more enemies you get, or people that reject you. Know that this means, in fact, you are doing great!

Say nothing, leave the scene, and say ‘ thank you for making me see I deserve the best’. Tell Yourself inside: ‘ I want to surround myself with honest pure and awakened people. I wish You the best on your path’.



For the ones, who have not yet read it
Here is the newest New Energy message.- 2018
What is going on in the world at this moment , that has everything to do with the Shift: From 3D to 5D. From the old world sytem- To the New World Sytem. We are in the middle of the shift INside us (to Freedom, Free will- Our original souls and an awakened humanity). INside it means- you get all the garbage, shit and negative stuff on the road right now. Do not think Your life ‘ sucks’ right now. It is on your path, because it ask ‘ clear me’- ‘ leave me’, ‘cut me off’- TAKE action , for God’s Sake- I want to be cleared, becaus this blocks Your Energy- You Love- Light- and Mission. Clear me, and everything will flow again!
Pluto was in the sky- The planet of WAR. But not ‘ bad’ anymore.
It is meant, to see your inner wars, anger, hate and fears, and to really ‘ break with them’. You ee your enemie, you see where the energy leaks are, and you FEEL angry, because your borders are crossed.
Why? This month- I also energetically ‘ karma- month’.
It means, YOU have to get rid of old karma patterns- And they all are Sucky patterns ūüôā That block your way into power. So what to do:
Symptoms you might feel
  • You feel lost
  • Like nobody understands you
  • Lonely
  • Mad
  • Angry
  • Depressed
  • Tired (life-tired)
  • Sick of fighting all the time to everything-
  • The system
  • Addictions
  • Maybe your partner – work- all the finances- friends that just are not real friends
  • Everything that was old karma- and Not good for you anymore is here to be seen.
You are the master of this. This is karma-war & action time. The wars will dissolve, and end. So we are in a loop, of ending the war- By having peace to make the changes.
The point of the energy is: Purification.
The point is that the cosmos ASKS from You: How is your Self-love Now? How do you cope with negative people and things in your life that waste energy? How strong are you know, that without any help, you see all the triggerpoints and to Radically: STOP them?
How really do you want to have a life with your heart and soul,and can you end all your inner wars and outer wars this month?
See where all the blockages and energy goes to.
Make those phonecalls, arrange the finances, move away from the city that make you sad, or cut all your own drama and addictions- and go to live a healthy life. Tell the family who you really are- or just leave all of this- and Finally call the person you are in love with <3.
Point is: You are angry, sad, or lonely because you have not practically end the wars.
Practical actions needed
Just DO the stuff/make the appointments, meet the persons, take action to end it. To purificy your private life- To become stronger and cleanse your 3d life- To uplift 5D right now. The near future perspective is: If you do this Yourself, and just fully take responsibility for your past-lives, your karma, your life right now.
  • Call everyone up(in love and respect) where you feel you want to end contact with, or just say you need time and space to end your wars to loved ones.
  • Make a bucketlist of the things you REALLY want to do in Life- and stop everything that leaks energy.

Tips from me, for an energeticall cleanse & 3D detox
  • Do a session to ask if all cords with the past can be cleared. Ask
if all negative cords to/with the past can be cleansed and dissolve (ask your guides)
  • ¬†Clear your house. Clean it, cleanse it with white sage, and make it ‘ your space’.
  • All the demons and negative persons: Write the names down on a paper and ask ‘ I forgive them in love, I want to end all cords and contact right now’. Throw the paper in a cooking-pan outside, or outside on the street (anywhere save ;-)) and set it on fire.
  • Make a New moodboard to change your life: I am healthy, I am happy, I only have love and light around me, I have only harmony in my life, I look and feel young and energetic I am in my True, original power.
  • Detox your social life: Clean up your emails (with probably 1000 messages already in there ūüėČ
  • Throw away all emails of exes and old garbage. Make it new.
  • Clean your facebook, whats’app- phone, by deleting all the old. Throw away or give away all the clothes, book and furniture You do not use anymore- Are from exes- Or giving you negative vibrations.
  • Attract love, awakened souls,soulmates with the same blueprint, guidance, protection and faith that the cosmos REALLY love You.
  • Stop watching the mainstream news, and all the spinned news that makes you feel awfull. Stop any conversation with negative people just walk away in respect. Share great new articles about the new world, light, messages, and great news about the world that the mainstream news isn’t mentioning. Just leave all the garbage of the Old World- It is not interesting or worth the energy anymore. Keep yourself informed afcourse, but also the outer war will change.
  • Spread all those great articles on internet that is just great news- Knowledge- Wisdom- and Join yourself into the crowd only with millions of loving, awakening people around the globe that DO want to shift with You, and all of us. Do not forget we are with millions- We make each other happy – We strenghten each other- And everyne who want to join is wecome- We are all one.

If you need any help, assistence, healing on your own process. You can book a session, talk, healing- (worldwide by phone) with Me, for your personal process. Email me @ for Individual talks/advice/help by 1 hour to 2 hours- worldwide by Skype and phone. <3<3<3 Leda
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