Quit alcohol- The spiritual view on alcohol

Personally, I drank alcohol all my student life and enjoyed it very much. It did not make me sick and helped me relax and enjoy friends and going out. It never was an addiction for me. When I got thirty years old, my body said : No! From one day to another and I did spiritual work on myself, and quit totally for already ten years.

I came across this article about alcohol spiritually.

The word “Alcohol” comes from the Arabic “al-kuhl” which means “body eating spirit”, and gives the origin of the English term for “ghoul”
The words “alembic” and “alcohol”, two metaphors for aqua vitae or “life water” and “spirit”, often refer to a distilled liquid from magical explorations of Middle Eastern alchemy.
In alchemy, alcohol is used to extract the essence of the soul of an entity. Hence its use in the extraction of essences for essential oils and the sterilization of medical instruments. By consuming alcohol in the body, it actually extracts the very essence of the soul.
This allows the body to be more sensitive to neighboring entities, most of which are low frequencies (why do you think that we call certain alcoholic beverages “Spirits?”) This is why people who consume excessive amounts of alcohol often have a blackout, without remembering what happened.
This happens when the soul leaves because the living conditions are too polluted and too traumatic to be tolerated. The good soul jettisons the body, remaining connected to a tether, and a dark entity takes the body for a joyful walk around the block, often in an illogical hedonistic and selfish rampage.
Our bodies are vehicles for spirits. If one leaves, another can take the car for a ride. Essentially, when a person goes dark after drinking alcohol or being polluted in many other ways, their body often becomes possessed by another entity.
When people get drunk, many with clairvoyant abilities can see their souls, connected through a wire, come out of the body. This is understood as that soul leaving the body because of the great discomfort of being in a body very intoxicated by alcohol.
When the soul leaves the body, other non-benevolent entities entered or latched on to their vacant shells. Once the entities took over the body, they used it to perform all kinds of dark acts, such as violence, low-level sexual encounters, destructive behavior, rape, etc.
Take a look at alcohol advertising. Most alcohol advertising is embedded in hidden messages and images, generally not noticeable in common sight, but perceived through the subconscious.
Knowing how powerful the subconscious is in our decisions, our feelings, our reactions, our beliefs, etc., the alcohol sales teams (as well as tobacco and other products) used this sinister technique to incite us to buy their products and join the company cult of mental apathy and cultural obedience.
Many of these hidden messages and images were extremely sexual, working to influence some of the most basic drives and the primitive nature of humans. Let this example take you to a place of curiosity and questioning. Why did the marketing teams feel the need to deceive us and coerce us through subliminal messages to buy products harmful to the human body and to our soul?
How often have you or someone you know, after being completely intoxicated by alcohol, behave in an unusual way? Perhaps you have experienced a change of voice, violence, promiscuity, ingestion of harmful substances, destruction of property, confrontational behavior, and other negative expressions.
Consider these experiences and ask yourself: Is this the manifestation of light, love, and positivity? Do these events represent a path of consciousness and health?
Alcohol consumption consequences:
🚫 It depresses the nervous system
🚫 Kills brain cells
🚫 Toxic to the liver, kidneys and heart
🚫 Weakens the immune system
🚫 Hormonal disruption
⁉️Alcohol is massively promoted and supported by our dominant culture. Have you ever considered alcohol to be a nifty tool of the supporters of the Matrix (global mind control and oppression program) to keep people on the path of disempowerment and disease?
It seems that these substances would be definitively banned and discouraged unless there was really a program to suppress human potential and keep us “in the dark” regarding who we are as spiritual beings, our innate potential, and the path towards empowerment.
As we strive to heal, to awaken, and to transform our world, I pray that we will realize this: The non-benevolent forces want to keep us oppressed, powerless, and asleep.
How many of us have seen broken families and lives lost due to alcohol and alcoholism?
Do you think it makes us smarter, healthier, or better overall? It is time to change things. Support the replacement of widespread alcohol abuse with health-enhancing practices and activities, and learn to live an awakened and empowered life!
The more people who wake up to the truth and seek health and freedom from mind control programs, the more likely we are to make positive changes and co-create a world in which we feel good.
✨ This was an interesting article I came across and wanted to share. This is in no way condemning anyone that still chooses to consume. We all have different paths, different lessons and different experiences. Some may not resonate with this at all and that is okay! I felt it was important to share esp for those like myself that have experienced the negative spiritual (and emotional, mental, physical) consequences of alcohol but I do know this is not the case for everyone. Love you all lots ✨💗🙏🏻
Full article by Spirituality blog found here 👇🏻https://blog.spiritualify.com/how-alcohol-consumption…/
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