the cosmic role of the divine feminine

Beloved Ones,
.The Cosmic Rose holds new teachings and the New Earth Templates, and is a cosmic consciousness itself.
The Cosmic Rose Consciousness is held by the Cosmic Sisterhood. The Cosmic Sisterhood you can say are cosmic counterparts to the Sisterhood of the Rose.
The womb and Yoni is a portal to the cosmic field of consciousness and the keeper of divine truth. This ever evolving consciousness is held alive by the divine feminine and the Cosmic Sisterhood, throughout the ages. Those of us that are currently incarnated in female bodies are connected through this vast field of consciousness through our gift of intuition.
The Cosmic Mother principle returns energetic balance into the earth body. We can access this field of consciousness as wisdom keepers and conduits of the sacred light codes, the sacred wisdom held in our womb. As women incarnates we are obligated as patrons of the divine wisdom, that governs and creates all life. This is our purpose here on earth, to serve the planet. It is our galactic mission – as the divine feminine is the natural principal for the evolution of the universe.
Living from the heart in deep connection to the cosmic field of consciousness (true womb wisdom) is the way of the divine feminine. The divine feminine is the keeper of divine wisdom and the cauldron, the womb from which all life evolves, she holds the gestation seed to all life as she is an expression of Shakti, the primordial sexual energy, which is the feminine creative life force itself.
The Cosmic Sisterhood are the guardians of the feminine love, wisdom & (true) power, and open those sacred and secret teachings only for those who are pure in heart and soul and intent ever gain access to the deepest mysteries, and often they do so through intense suffering. The suffering has to do with fall of Lemuria and Atlantis when they had to safeguard the inner secrets of the Goddess temples and they had to do this knowing fully well that they would be persecuted as there were those who wanted to get hold of these inner teachings, and they therefore took it upon themselves to safeguard these.
At the time of Atlantis fall they also took upon themselves that they were the Ones that would hold the light and love, the creative force, the mystical safe for mankind, until such time as the Goddess energy would be returned and truth would be revealed. This often meant that they went through intense persecution, and had to suffer immense pain, but they never let go of the keys and codes, and never wavered. They kept the flame and fires alive.
Golden Atlantis fell, and mind-control became the norm, and the base, sacral and solar plexus chakras was closed down. At this time there were also a split in the mother consciousness. The feminine principle, the divine mother aspect of the Godhead and this aspect of her body, became compacted in the Earth. Her intelligence, as the Mother, was taken advantage of, and SHE was taken out of the core of this earth. She was taken out from her existence. It is an abuse of this mother consciousness that is also called the Holy Mothers Cathar body.
When the Great Mother was taken out of the Earth, they replaced it with a Dark Mother. The Great Mother was held hostage by binding her body into the earth through demonic forces to produce the Dark Mother that was tied to the Moon and entangled with Moon Chain lineages.
As one in the womb of the world I now that SHE – the Mother did not agreed to this. She has been replaced now and its a part of bringing her back unto the Earth. As a mother, as a part of the Divine Feminine – from the feminine and the mother parts of you.
Since all this time the persecution and killing of empowered women (visionaries, psychics, medicine women, healers, priestesses, witches ect) kept the feminine and the women in fear of taking on their feminine power, using their gifts of clairvoyance and intuition and expressing the truth.
The split in consciousness was also aimed at turning women against each other, rather than being in support of each other (wounded sisterhood). It has caused negative programming and beliefs of distrust, envy and competition to pollute the mind of many women and of men as well.
The Heart of all Universal Creation, the Cosmic Heart, is held within the Heart of the Goddess. These are the Divine Feminine principles of the Godhead itself. The Power of all Creative intelligence is held in the Heart of the Goddess and born from the forces of Pure Love. The Gateway of that infinite power is accessed within your own heart center. You fully access your higher heart and heart chakra as you heal your sacred wounds and deprogram your distorted feminine sacred sexuality. The Cosmic Heart Matrix is the main access gateway to all of the higher dimensions and dimensional frequencies.
As you deprogram the feminine sexual distortion, heal your wounded feminine principle and integrate this, your heart chakra will expand into the Heart of the Goddess.
Camilla Ma Ra
(excerpt from “Cosmic Rose – The Restored Divine Feminine”)
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