The dark forces have been defeated

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The Dark Forces Have Been Defeated
Greetings and a good day to you, my beloved friends. I surely care about you because, despite what you may believe, we are all connected.

There is a legitimate explanation for some of the unfavorable events that occur on our planet. Can you accept that current happenings in the world are the result of the collective mind of the (most) people on the planet’s negative thoughts? But it is true.

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The dark forces feed on these negative beliefs. When the dark forces fail to control you, they will try to create problems for you in your life. The problem will be your emotional reaction. Negative thoughts can cloud your mind and make you feel like you’re trapped in a vicious cycle of disasters.

When we’re talking about the dark side or negative forces, we’re usually discussing extraterrestrial beings like the Greys and Reptilians, who have been showing up in pop culture for decades. Although these beings are real, they aren’t directly the main source of all negativity on the planet.

The dark forces have managed to infiltrate the human mind marvelously to plant all kinds of ego illusions in there. The programmed people in a way that a person controls, limits, and restricts themselves without the supervision of a higher power.

People are looking for a change. They want to be healthier. They want to solve their problems. They want to live longer and more meaningful lives. The challenge is that many people don’t know where to start, so they get discouraged and give up on their search altogether.

These days when everything seems to be going wrong, remember this: the world may seem chaotic, but it is always changing, and everything is always moving.

Your thoughts give birth to your reality. The more positive thoughts you have, the more positive results you will get in your life and in this world. Your mind is a powerful tool that has been hidden from you by the dark forces for ages.

When your thoughts turn to thoughts of fear and anxiety, more dark forces are working their way into your mind to feed off your energy. When you think positive thoughts, however, the Light Beings are working to change your negative thought patterns into positive ones.

Is it time for the dark forces to end? It sounds like something out of a sci-fi novel, but the world is actually being affected by the mass consciousness shift that’s happening right now. As we move into a new paradigm, the dark forces are losing their hold over humanity, and as a result, they are trying to take us down with them.

The present time is a crucial time in human history. It’s the last chance we have to let go of our old life and start anew. The dark forces are still clinging to their control, but if we can let go of them and move into our infinite potential, everything will be fine.

You can break this cycle using positive thinking and deliverance from the negative forces that are controlling your mind and body.

The dark forces’ reign is coming to an end. They’ve used up all of their might and control over you.

This is the time to break free of the chains of darkness.

The dark forces have exhausted their power, and they can no longer cause harm on Earth. They are exhausted, and they are not able to influence our thoughts anymore. So now they are adding more obstacles to your mind and have created many problems on Earth-like p@ndem!c diseases, natural calamities, financial crises, etc. so that you know that nothing is going to be easy for you even though you work very hard for it, but still do not get success.

In order for these positive changes to become a reality, you must keep your thoughts focused on positive energies such as love, compassion and truth. As you know from my previous post on the Law of Attraction, there is a universal force of love operating through every living thing on this planet. If you can focus on love and positivity at all times, you will be attracted and protected by the positive light forces.

When you think about it, all of us are connected by that same energy. So it makes sense that the events in the world and our own lives are intimately related.

In the last few years, the dark forces have been trying to defeat the positive force and trying to ruin each and every happy moment of your life. But this time is going to be different. The time of the light force is coming soon, and it will bring back all the previous happy moments of your life again in full force.

You will enjoy your life again without any worries at all as the positive force will protect you from the negative forces that created these problems of yours in the first place.

The light force will be with you and guide you through the approaching times, so there is not much that you have to be scared about. Just make sure to stop the things that are causing the bad experience for you instead of doing everything on your own. The sense of security should be with you for longer and longer periods of time as long as you recognize what is good for you right now.

The time for change has begun; it’s time for you to wake up and do what you need to do!

We love you dearly.
We are here with you.
We are your family

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