Watch the New Energy Forecast December 2015

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New Energy Forecast December 2015

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The latest New New Energy Forecast


  • About:- Self-Mastership
    – How to solve all the darkness
    – The new Energy shift on earth
    – Why is there so much darkness in the world now?
    – What is the reason?
    – How do I remain Love and light
    – How do I leave the past
    – Why is the earth shifting?
    – What can I do to help myelf and all others at this point?  Share to give everyone this message!
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Heal Yourself – Heal the Past – Heal the World

By Mastering Self-Love and Self-Mastership

It starts with You!

Love from Leda- You and Me, We can Do this!


We are all one

Leda de Zwaan

New Energy Coach I Journalist I Writer I Healer