How your inner child can block you from loving someone and opening up for relationship

By Leda de Zwaan

Your inner child is ALWAYS inside of you. You carry it around everywhere you go. He or she is in your heart. When the inner child is left by a father or mother, discouraged, or not ‘ seen’ by parents in the youth, cheated by people he or she loved, turned down by a loved one… Then what happens?

*What does the inner child do?

The inner child says: I will close myself from feeling anything for anyone. I do NOT want a serious loving relationship anymore, because loving someone means being lef/turned down/pain/depression/illness. You will keep on living, you will move on, but the inner child protects you all the time, for any new possible heartbreak.

* What happens when you connect, meet, see (even through internet) a possible long-term partner?

The inner child (tarot card 9 of wands) is standing up (as a huge force of energy) and is already in pain/fear of losing that person in the future. Will she leave me? Will she love another man? Will she turn me down, when my heart is wide open for her? Will she be mean, will she die? Will she get ill?
This all is the fearfull inner child, that is so scared for all you already gone through. It has nothing to do with your new crush, this new woman possibe to be the love of your life!


* What can I do?

Lay a hand on your heart in meditation. See the child, you as a young boy/girl in front of you. Ask why she is in so much fear. Hold her/him when she cries. Tell this: ‘I am NOW grown up. I now will make descisions to protect you. I will comfort you. I DO want to stand open for this new love. I know what you are doing, this protection is out of love for me. Thank you. But I am now grown up, and want to connect with this person. I will protect you, so not not be afraid anymore…’ Place innerchild, playing with toys or someting in your heart. Let it play, and be comfortable. You must do this everyday, when it is really afraid of loving again….

NOTE: First encounter with innerchild, can be very emotional. She/he can/could be in a dark corner alone and crying for 20 years…. Pick her/him up, hold it, as you are GROWN UP NOW. Share emotions, hold it, cuddle it. And say this situation is going to change NOW. You shall love him/her, protect, and shall be open for new love…. If this is too hard/emotional to be alone, please contact me.

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