Finding your inner power again

Letting in your strength, and stepping out of ' weakness'

Why do I find it so important that woman find their godess again, and man their ‘ god’? It is an energy inside you, that makes everything CHANGE. The ancient cultures adored female godesses. All around the world, females were treated as the wise and incredible beings they are. In times of the church, they de-sacred woman. Powerfull people were scared of the power of woman. As we know now, even Maria was a high priestess, that learned Jezus many things about magic and wisdown, and they travelled as a team of lightworkers, to enlight the world.
So the power of females, was ‘ cut down’, to a low place of ‘ whore’. They re-written al the sacred words about woman, and thousands years man treated wise woman, as ‘ witches’. We LOST our godess. That is why I, want to learn woman how to find your godess again. Those are steps, affirmations, meditations, breathing, self-control, independency, inviting, re-arranging your thoughts and patterns.

And once you invited your sacred godess power, YOU are in control of everything that is happening. And the whole outer world sees and respects, and GREETS the godess. It just must happen, and it is a choice YOU make, to invite the godess. And… you will attract ‘ a god’. Because he recognizess ‘ a godess’. These pictures were taken RIGHT after one of my first invitations of my own godess. Now, a year later, she is fully in control.


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