New Energy forecast 2019

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New Energy forecast by Leda

We are shifting now from a 3D level towards a 5D reality. You may experience strange dreams, lost of sleep or sleep problems, Problems with food or eating, throwing up food, strange fevers and depressions to a huge awakened state that you see almost everything is wrong in your life and it all needs to change. You want change. This is your soul moving from the mind and ego to the soul purpose. Also the vibration of mother earth has been highering up, so it comes out of the ground, a new vibration. The time is speeding up, so days go quickly. Your vibration is highering up which can also cause relation break ups and relationships who find their true soulpartner, because you recognize a vibration that is now also yours. Take care of your body and soul people,

Love from Leda de Zwaan.