Earth is now shifting to 5d

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Earth is currently moving from the 3rd dimension to the 5th dimension.
Everything is happening now and has been happening for some time, so you must have noticed that a lot of things are changing and things are not the same as before.
Earth and people are helped by many friendly civilizations, beings, archangels and angels, spiritual guides, ascended teachers, etc… Because it was decided by the Highest Creator. Without their help, the Earth would have already been destroyed, life on Earth would have been destroyed. So we should be grateful for the help we get. Because everything is done for the Earth and for us.

At this time, our bodies are activating and adapting to life on a multidimensional level. Our DNA is activating. And many changes are happening within us.
People who are in love and light will enter the 5th dimension. Because in the 5th dimension everything is in harmony, peace, love, light, happiness and joy. Low vibrations will not get there and people who have chosen to walk the path of darkness who emit low vibrations will not get there. Such people will be forgiven because no soul is above another soul. Therefore, such people will pass through death and enter the other realms, where they will continue their education and after many years and cycles, they will again be given the opportunity to pass into higher dimensions.
But whoever tries to keep love and light in their hearts, they will all go to the New Earth now with their bodies that are currently activating and preparing, adapting.

It doesn’t matter how old you are, it’s just the beginning, not the end. It doesn’t even matter if you are currently healthy or sick. It doesn’t even matter what you look like. If you stay in high vibrations, the Universe will take care of you. It only matters what you emit, what vibrations, whether love and light or darkness.
The leaders of all countries are aware of this and have been asked to make public announcements to the people. But that didn’t happen and we can clearly see whose side they are on.
The Earth must be freed from the energies of darkness, and people will be divided into two groups according to the vibrations emitted by each person. Those who walk with love and light, and those who choose to walk with darkness.
Each individual will have to make many choices about what to believe, what vibrations to vibrate, what kind of Earth they want to be on. It’s a personal choice for everyone.
People are offered a great deal of help from beings of light. But you have to ask them, otherwise they don’t want to interfere in our lives. But when you ask, don’t doubt, you will always get help.
We are receiving a lot of light from the Central Sun right now, so many things are coming up that we need to review and correct, forgive wrongs, etc…
But soon we will receive so much light from the Central Sun that those living in low vibrations will simply not be able to stay.
And it’s happening now, not sometime in the future. A major solar flare is expected, which could happen any day.
So let’s prepare, think positively, speak positively and act positively. Let’s be in love and light.

With love and light.