Finding your mission

Finding your mission.
All of us have a mission. The reason why you got born, and why you are here. Some of us find at as a child already, some of us, are lost when they are old. I took a year off to find my mission. I meditated, took long walks in the forrest all alone, and listened to the spirits I felt, and to my guides. I found them in that year I took off. I had to start writing a lot of articles, and I had to coach people, and so was my mission born.
Then I helped other people finding there mission. What happens when you find your mission? Everything starts to stream and you can work long days, because you breath the mission in and out.
There is also a mission on this planet do do together, there is work to do on this planet. Team up with groups, and stand open for the idear we all are here now to do something on this planet, and we need you! We are making a huge shift at this moment, on every way, and we need you in this shift. Millions of people are awakening as we write this, and so are You. Team up, and find the mission you have in the biggest shift ever known in history. Here is an article with an activational code in it, to activate your mission feeling. Please read it, it gives you energy, and awakening, and power.
Leda de Zwaan