Learn how to be completely out of the head and always feel happy

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How to learn to be completely out of your head. What the steps are to get there, and always feel happy.I had a famous father and mother, they wrote 30 books about spirituality. From birth you get conditioned by your parents. The preschool, University and then work. Always in the head. I had a huge burn out and i walked with my father to the supermarket. He says; Dont think i go to the supermarket. Look around you while walking. Look at this flower. The trees and the houses.

I realized i never saw it this way.Years later he explained: the mind is a machine. Not your soul. It is a Prison. The head. It needs fuel. When you wake up it needs tv, Facebook, information. Stop giving it fuel and you become free from this prison.I invented steps to always feel happy, and feels enormous stillness inside yourself.To get there. I give sessions. Where we talk about the way to get there. I give tips, practises and you can always app me when you feel bad. I give you meditations and homework to get to this stage. I lived eight years totally out of the head.

Email me at enlighteningmediaencoaching@gmail.com

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