Life on this planet as starseed

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To fully understand the role you are playing at the planet at this time as a starseed, it is paramount to understand and acknowledge yourself as a magnificent solar being, your human self is simply a physical container, that was created for you to being able to exist within this planetary system. Your true essence is infinite light and your very origin is star light or cosmic plasma particles.

The Sun which is the visible expression of Source is your very origin for this particular journey thru time and space in this vector of the multiverse, where you volunteered to incarnate to restore and seed unity and divine balance again. In other words you may see source as your cosmic parents, your cosmic mother and father. Their love for you is eternal and boundless and all encompassing. You are One with this all encompassing love eternally. Over spilling grace, an ever lasting dance of divine light expressing itself in multiple forms.
Now however you are here in your human form to anchor this light for the next evolutionary step of this magnificent planet, Tara Sophia, to becoming a glorius star of oneness, which is her destined path.

This planet, however, has suffered massive energetic manipulation and been exploited and been brought into massive turmoil, because those that are in charge behind the scenes have been ignoring and violating the divine laws for their own gain for thousands of years and brought this planet to the point, where it needed assistence to regain balance as the frequency of light had come to such low levels, that its existence was at stake.

The agenda of these tyrants is solely to exploit and feed on the loosh energy, that is their life force, so the more trauma and drama they can create, the more powerful they get. So what they fear and aim to avoid the most is for you to realize your true origin as ONE with the Creator Source, that you are. That you are a sovereign christed being in your true essence. Once each and every one of us realize and embody this, their game of manipulation has no power over you.

You volunteered to come here to reverse that and reinstore divine order.

To fulfill your planetary mission of assisting this planet in ascending into a star of unity, you need to understand your origin and how you can be the highest expression of your origin, because that is what you are here to seed.

The overall purpose is to restore divine order and balance to this beautiful planet and in aligning and seeding “your” source origin, spirit into form, you will fulfill your purpose as a star seed christed being. In your highest expression you are already ascended, in other words your very source origin is pure christed light.
As you left source, the great spirit, the magnificent light that IS the divine intelligence, which is the building blocks of the multiverse, that IS and ALWAYS WILL BE, you left source as a ray of light, that which you term soul. Your source christ consciousness (self) created your human vessel to host your soul while having this human experience. In other words you left source as an individual ray of light separating itself from the sun and took form by lowering your frequency to the dense form, that you know as your body to exist here and fulfill your purpose.

Your body was created to host your soul and to being a conduit for the source light, that you are from afar. But in reality that source light is within very cell of your being. Just that your mind is linear and can only comprehend itself as separate from its origin. So you were given tools, that would always keep you aligned to your very source of origin and help you re-member, because it was known beforehand, that you would go into amnesia, because of the trauma and density that you had to navigate to fulfill your mission as part of your soul mission and evolution. The chakras are part of that tool kit.

Here the eighth chakra plays a major role as this is the antenna and tuning station, that has the purpose of receiving, translating and dispersing the light into your body and consciousness. It is situated between your heart and throat chakra often referred to as high heart chakra. It is also referred to as the oneness chakra, seat of the soul, as it aligns and attunes you to all-that-is, once it is opened and activated. However until your other chakras have been cleared and balanced and spinning, this chakra is not active.

So when your higher self, your etheric expression and connection to your soul (source expression), is receiving and transmitting the cosmic energies from source, the purpose of the eighth chakra is to process and translate it. Once it is fully open and activated it enables you to connect and feel the oneness with all sentient beings of all realms and dimensions.

But due to the said distortions and manipulations by those that hold this planet and humanity under their controle, the function of your chakric system, dna and brain has been compromised to disrupt your divine connection to source/father/mother/god.
The Solar Logoi, who are solar angelic beings, who resides in the great Central Sun and exercises the will of god, will be facilitating a most powerful and most important activation tomorrow to adress these distortions. The Solar Logoi are cosmic beings who transmit the light emanations of the Godhead flowing from Alpha and Omega in the Great Central Sun to the planetary systems.

The activations that they are facilitating will restore and finetune this divine connection to your source origin by clearing and activating your Soul Star (higher self chakra, which is located a couple of inches above your crown) as well as the eighth chakra as they are interdependent and interactive and cannot fulfill their purpose properly, until they are cleared, opened and activated.
So many have closed these chakras because of life threatening persecutions of harassment and oppression in previous and current life times either voluntarily or involuntarily and in many cases unknowingly or subconsciously as a means of protection.
This is one of the reasons why many lack trust in their intuition and do not “hear” their guides or cannot feel higher dimensional energies or are unable to tune into their higher self and source.

The Solar Logoi are offering two activations, tomorrows activation being the first one, where they will be clearing, balancing and activating your soul star, eighth chakra and in the second activation they will be activating your sun disc or solar disc, which is situated in your eighth chakra. They term it the soular disc, as this encompasses and transmits the purpose and meaning to a higher degree. The Sun disc or solar disc is actually a replica of the sun, your very source origin, and when fully activated aligns you with the akashic records in Source and can access and translate any information from this quantum field, into your soul´s akashic memory bank in cooperation with your higher self.

My heart is filled with joy and gratitude for embodying my solar christed self and offering this cosmic divine opportunity with the beloved Solar Logoi for the actualization of your ascension and full embodiment of your solar soul expression.

The glory and the love that kisses every cell once embodying your source origin is the sweetest elexier you can dream of, a deep sense of belonging, knowing and feeling ONE with all-that-is, a sweet surrender to love and life itself.

You are invited to join us tomorrow for this epic transmission of light with the Solar Logoi. This is your time to re-member your true origin and for all the love to be revealed.