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How we help as Life coach * Healer *Counsellor * Transformer?

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 You can call on me with ALL of life’s issues, anything you are struggling with, and ask me for help with everything that we are going to make an overview of and will try to solve together. Whether it is physical, mental, psychological or spiritual. That does not matter. Look below the ‘SUBMENU’ (at the bottom of the site) which forms are specialisms, that perhaps are relevant to YOU! (Possibly also your partner or child.)

What is unique, is that we look at ALL facets in your life: Nutrition, exercise, communication, your friends, your relationship, your past, your past lives, your energy, your work, your mission, the blocks that are holding you back, your strengths, your house and much, much more…

My aim is to help you connect with your inner strength and to remove all blocks that are holding you back. Healing, transformation, insights and purification on both emotional – physical- relational and possibly spiritual level. Getting down to brass tacks, cutting knots, engaging change! Being connected with your inner strength, in stead of disconnected. Knowledge is power. Knowledge is strength. Insight and clarification is renewal!



▪     Highly sensitive and ADD-coaching towards Strength

▪     HSP and ADD in relationships & dealing with HSP and ADD as a partner

▪     HSP and ADD at work (or at school)

▪   Coaching highly sensitive children and their parents

▪     Teaching energetic protection

  • Lyme * CFS * Burnout * Depression
  • Treatment, insight, and ‘outsight’














  • SELFLOVE Development
  • Attracting your dreampartner
  • Healing your friendships & Relationships & Family past
  • Self-mastership: How to become your own hero, True Love, Guru, and Healer

▪     Relationship healing, processing, letting go or on the contrary: Attracting your True Partner

▪     Partner relationship-counseling

▪     Developing self love: the beginning!

▪     Attracting a new partner

▪     Insights why relationships have ‘broken up’ and what needed to be learnt

▪     Specialism: Soul mates and the process – Counselling individually or together

  • Life meaning *Mission * Career * Living your unique Life-purpose
  • Becoming resilient, cure and healing
  • From unrest to peace
  • From imbalance, to balance
  • From emptiness to love
  • From weak to strong
  • From panic to ‘being aware’


Energetic cleanses, DNA cleanses, Karma cleansing, Regressiontherapy

  • Cleaning up your aura, DNA, organs & energy
  • Cleaning up past-lifes and karma
  • Cleansing patterns and addictions
  • Cleaning your past from addictions, trauma, family, expartners and much more energetic/emotional and psychological prisons-Blockages. Re-new your new Life.


Inner Child healings and sessions

Your inner child can be very traumatised and hurt in childhood, and later on, you develop habbit, patter, addictions, self-hate, inner demons, fears and even block yourelf from future, loving relationhips and friendships. We need to heal the inner child, make it feel safe, rebirth your grown up self in this world and take away the trauma’s/patterns to heal the future, and to make room for love.



5D Anti-aging detox programme Intense

  • 5d means detoxing, cleansing and youthening your body, system, aura inner and outer appearence with ten to twenty years in half a year! This is possible, we work only with very enthusiastic people because it needs discipline. It is a programme for people after the age of thirty, but also for young people feeling very tired or old and want a new energy.


Lyme disease specialties/Burn-out/Depression/CVS

Complete programme on all levels.

Family-karma and karma


  • Cutting Cords
  • Giving and releasing it to family-members and anchestors
  • Give back your own karma
  • Heal the family in light
  • Standing in your true power again




Sessions all over the world

▪     * Question time sessions *: You can ask anything you would like to know or discuss. Open sessions, where anything what is happing n that moment is allowed to be discussed. This can be dealt with through conversations * healing * coaching *

▪     (Also possible in workshops or lectures)


Through the contact form you send your application.

Possibilities:   Email * Skype *Telephone * Face to face sessions

Aim: Your energy can only flow abundantly when you discover your mission and the rest of your ‘life’ is balanced. We should start making sure that the new energy will flow through all aspects of your life as well as possible, and this is why we will take everything into consideration.

Key-expertise and graduated on Topics as

  • Regression-therapist
  • Reincarnation-therapy
  • Indigo-children coaching
  • Starseeds-mission and Life-pupose
  • Learning to live with Hypersensitivity or clairvoyancy/strong intuition
  • Learning how to set bounderies in your life, cut cords, Loose baggage of the past and attract magic!
  • New Energy Coach: Coaching with techniques of and in the new energy that was never done before
  • New earth writer: Writings to change humanities into powerfull, wise, stronger and loving beings. With a Free will, free choice, We are all one.


  • Learning how to set bounderies in your life, cut cords, Loose baggage of the past and attract magic!
  • New Energy Coach: Coaching with techniques of and in the new energy that was never done before
  • New earth writer: Writings to change humanities into powerfull, wise, stronger and loving beings. With a Free will, free choice, We are all one.
  • HSP/ADD/ADHD children, relationships and parents
  • Soulmates and Self-Love
  • Detox to vitality, youth and a New energy I Life
  • Personilized meditations
  • Spiritual teachings
  • Relationship-coaching
  • Depression/cvs
  • Lyme treatment
  • Electro-hypersensitivity
  • Sustainibility
  • Nutrition
  • Twinsouls- and soulmates
  • Changing your life into happines and JOY
  • From zero to Hero
  • Company coaching to a succesfull, pure, original & Honest product
  • Awakening and energy upifting articles and video’s
  • Trendwatcher in all 5D- Healing possibilities
  • Back to your original blueprint (Who you really are)
  • Sjamanistic healings
  • Inner child/ Childhood healing
  • Trauma healing
  • Past Lives and karma-healing
  • Clearing aura and house
  • Electro magnetic Radiance Awareness
  • Advisor in energy clearing and High vibrational tools
  • Transformation
  • One to one coaching and conversations
  • Human & Universal laws protector
  • Job coaching
  • From mind- to love
  • From ego to soul
  • Clearing the past memories
  • Stand up in your power
  • New Energy shift writer an coaching for individuals and businesses or groups


  • More coaching and lecture/counseling possibilities


HIT the contact button if you feel connection and the right vibration! You are Welcome.